The Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE version sucks battery juice like a ten-year-old trying to get to the sugary bottom of a Slurpy. It was one of our major complaints in the review, though it’s happily tempered with a first-party extended battery from Samsung, bumping up the 1850mAh pack on the stock CDMA phone to a more roomy 2100mAh (about a 15% improvement) with only a slightly larger bulge. The battery has a list price of $50, but if you buy the phone directly from Samsung, you’ll get the battery and the replacement cover for free.

Even when buying from Samsung you can get the Verizon subsidized discount, bringing the $650 phone down to a more manageable $299.99.  Of course, if you’re intent on getting the G-Nex on contract, there are cheaper places to do so. Even so, we’d definitely recommend the extended battery pack – all the regulars here at Android Community rock one. It adds almost no bulk to the phone itself (basically smoothing out the “Galaxy bump” on the bottom) and has a noticeable improvement on longevity. And oh yeah, it still works with NFC.

If 2100mAh isn’t enough for you (and if you plan on extended sessions of mobile video or downloads on LTE, it isn’t) you could always go a little more massive. Seidio has a huge 3800mAh battery pack that just about doubles the thickness of the Galaxy Nexus, but also gives you more than twice the battery life of the stock version. A recent update adds NFC capability for a small fee. The Galaxy Nexus has a pretty poor battery life, it’s true, but your options for extending it have never looked better.

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  • AlphaRider

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Extended battery  So far i heard the original Samsung Extended One only provides is not great only able to pull an additional 30 mins.

    Been looking at this one and seems quite promising at 3850mAh capacity.

  • amy thompson

    Hmmmm, good deal!

  • Guest

    Wow… what a great deal!   Then I won’t be able to get a $40 voice-package… I’ll be forced to pay (at least) $60/month.   So in 2 years… I’ll pay an extra $480 just for the “free battery”.

  • kafantaris

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