Box for Android updated, gives all new users 50GB free cloud storage

February 23, 2012

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The popular cloud storage option for Android has just been updated in the Android Market. Along with tons of awesome features, improvements and bug fixes they also have something else very exciting -- free storage! I've been a long time user of apps like Box or Dropbox but most don't offer this much storage. is now giving all new users 50 GB of storage completely free.

This isn't extremely new and Box has been giving select smartphone users like those with an Xperia device 50 GB for free, but now they are giving this to everyone on Android that signs up before March 23rd. I don't know about you but that 5 GB free from Dropbox seems pretty weak compared to this, they might need to change up their game.

Along with the awesome news of free storage they've also added tons of new features to the app. You can see the "what's new" area has many improvements and changes. We now have the option to comment on files, manage and share with other Box users with a collaboration folder, improved UI, better and batch uploads right from the SD card or internal storage and many many more.

Only downside of Box is I think they only allow 100MB files to be uploaded so large videos might need to be split up. For those looking for 50GB of free storage feel free to try it out today with the market link below. I might have to sign up twice because 100 GB sounds awesome.

Market Link

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  • Rocks

    you dont need to sign up, you just need to log in… i had an account but not the app.. ive downloaded the app and now i have de 50 gb

  • Mike Smith0305

    Unable to upload pictures.  Does the upload process require wi-fi or can I use the internet connection from my andriod cell?

  • DentistFind

    Is this promotion over? What happens if I sign up now?

  • matuki

    For Android phone owners seeking for a tool to backup photos and videos:
    I’ve just released an Android app called PhotoSync for Box.
    It can backup all your photos and videos automatically, demanding zero interaction after it is set up.

    Get it here: