Oh no he didn't! Google's once CEO Eric Schmidt has been busy in the news lately. We've heard plenty of his comments make the news, and today's surely will get a few people fired up. Get out the pitch forks! Google's own Eric Schmidt just confessed to still loving his BlackBerry. Don't get too angry here folks, it appears he just loves the keyboard.

Uhhh. I can feel the comments building up already. Apparently while conducting an interview with The Guardian, Schmidt was refreshingly open and calm with his answers. Even openly confirming he still loves his BlackBerry and no one can pull it from his fingers. He even said he tried to quit cold turkey and go to touch-only Android phones, he tried wearing gloves all day and more - all to no avail. Eric just loves that aging, old, and basically paperweight phone we all know as BlackBerry.

Don't get me started. There is the DROID 4,3,2,1 and tons of keyboard rocking Android phones, even the Motorola Pro or XPRT have that terrible candy bar style it sounds like Schmidt likes. Don't worry Eric, we have you covered!


While we can't confirm his exact words from the interview, in the end the conclusion seems to be that he just adores the dedicated hardware keyboard. Even though Motorola and others have released nearly identical devices. In the interview he even states he feels the Nexus 7 and iPad mini are too small. Pretty interesting read, that's for sure. You might not like that he's outing Android in favor for Blackberry, but at least he is honest.

[via CNET]

  • J Johnstone

    Wait it he sees the Blackberry Q10 – best keyboard and the sweet BB10 operating system with the best internet browser and great battery life- no compromise at all.

    • I get my Q10 within a month! I am on the mailing list with my carrier…. will know as soon as it is available. Woot!

  • boonesimpson

    while this might be disheartening for Google employees, I find it refreshing he is honest enough to say that a competitor has a worthwhile product and that he, personally, is not a “fanboy” of every Google device.

    I actually hope that his viewpoint holds weight with “the powers that be” and we see continued support for hardware keyboards in Android in both portrait and slider form factors. I love my Droid 4, and the keyboard is what swayed me to it over the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4.

    I like that Android is not “locked” into a single form factor, but do wish that some of these new flagship devices had slider keyboards. I don’t mind the added thickness, since the added convenience of a physical keyboard is crucial to much of what I use my phone to do.

    • USAndroid

      slider form factor DONE wrong is a disaster for either THICKNESS of the device or battery life.
      BUT Google-Motorola definitely are able to make WOW things.)

      X or nothing.

  • StarCrack

    1) Eric Schmidt uses Blackberry, but not Blackberry Z10 or Q10.
    2) Eric Schmidt uses Blackberry because of QWERTY, security and habit, not because he loves Blackberry.
    3) Eric Schmidt doesn’t play games, he is just used to secure messaging and calls.

    Once Motorola will launch WOW Xphone’s secure QWERTY option, he will replace his BB.))

  • blackberry rocks!