Get excited folks because BlackBerry Messenger is reportedly coming to Android and iOS on June 27th. Back in May BlackBerry confirmed it was coming this summer, but never revealed a release date. Recently however an unofficial confirmation appeared on Twitter stating the once exclusive chat will be arriving on both platforms later this month.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not all too excited about this. Between Google Hangouts getting released at IO, and only expected to improve, BBM might be too late. We know many are happy to hear the news though, with more than 60 million monthly users still to this day, BlackBerry Messenger isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Even if their phones are.

Take notice that this release date of June 27th hasn’t been officially confirmed by BlackBerry, but the Twitter account above seems to have insider information confirming the date. More so, they’ve also got an image showing the messenger on an iPhone, for what it’s worth. We’re hearing from multiple sources that June 27th is the day, but take it with a grain of salt.

Some of the features that are expected to arrive with BBM for Android include BlackBerry Groups as well as voice note sharing, multi-person chat and the same quick service that current BBM users experience. However, all the file sharing, voice features and more probably won’t arrive at first, but are expected to be added in due time. For now this is all just a rumor but we’ll update once we learn more or hear an official date from BlackBerry themselves.


  • I had a BIS account years ago, but no longer have the login info. Will this be required to use BBM on Android?

    • Liaw Kim Poh

      I think there will be new registration for Android users as this will be open to all

  • NuLLnVoiD

    YAWN…Nothing to see here…move along

  • LarryL

    This may kick RIM drastically in the hardware pants. If it were not for BBM messaging I would have dumped my Blackberry years ago. The two I have had are junk for browsing and bugs.
    For anybody that has never used BBM messaging it makes regular texting look like something from the 70s.

  • jon

    This is very exciting news especially for Caribbean people all over the world. this is the best thing RIM has done since since the Blueberry.

  • wenny

    i really agree for bbm in android, but its 28 june why in playstore dont have bbm apllications?