Best Buy stores are now accepting pre-orders for the Motorola XOOM tablet, with the Honeycomb slate expected to begin shipping from Thursday, February 24. Priced at $799.99 complete with Verizon 3G connectivity, the XOOM has a 10.1-inch screen and runs Android 3.0, the tablet-centric version of the Google mobile platform.

There's also a range of accessories on offer, including two docks - a desktop dock, for $49.99, and a speaker dock, for $129.99 - a portfolio case, for $39.99, and a Bluetooth keyboard for $69.99. You'll need a Verizon data contract in order to use the integrated 3G connection - a WiFi-only XOOM is expected in Q2 2011 - and the carrier has promised a 4G update later in the year.

So, anybody tempted? Or has the 8.9-inch, 3D-capable LG G-Slate for T-Mobile won your heart instead? Let us know in the comments.

  • i still have to wait for the european wifi release before i can bask in the glorious awesomeness of honeycomb. i’ll definitely get a xoom, don’t really like the LG Slate, or optimus pad as it’s called over here in germany. what’s the point in a 3d camera when you can’t even look at the content on the device itself without goofy glasses?

    oh, and LG’s expecting us to pay 999€ for their slate.. that’s INSANE!

  • the Xoom is really nice but I like the looks of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 but the Samsung has no USB no HDMI and no SD while the Xoom has all of these.

  • Wow I typed an awful lot in here, and it didn’t take. Lemme paraphrase: Why are they dropping this at iPad rates? I thought the idea was to beat Apple.

  • Pre-ordered this afternoon and I can’t wait until Thursday. I’ll probably pick up the normal dock, case and keyboard, too.