The Nexus S has landed with some impressive reviews and many users would like to get their hands on one. However, according to reports, Best Buy’s new line activation system for T-Mobile is down, and has been for about a weeks time.

A reader of BGR has wrote in claiming that he has been attempting to purchase a Nexus S, but has been unable to due to Best Buy’s activation issues. After repeated calls to representatives, one admitted that they are currently not able to activate the Nexus S with a contract, and if the customer would like they device they would need to purchase one off contract.

Has anyone else had issues with Best Buy activation? What did they inform you? Let us know!

[Via BGR]

  • iluvmyg1

    don’t get me started on this one… I am out of contract. so it shows my contract ending in September… I told them I will go back on contract to get the phone. they said i cant i have to pay full price. They said that since this isnt a phone being sold thru Tmobile that I couldnt do that…. I paid full price for my Nexus one that I love.. I cant pay full price for this one as well. I called Tmobile and they said there is nothing they could do if I wanted to by the g2 lol…I want the fastest updates so staying with my Nexus one.

  • Yeah, I just ran into the same problem when I went into my local Best Buy.