BBM for Android tipped to launch Friday, exclusive to Samsung

September 16, 2013

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For the few of you proudly awaiting for Blackberry's Messenger app for Android to arrive, we might have some good news. After seeing the app finally leak in the wild this morning we're now starting to get tips and details regarding a potential release date. It looks like BBM for Android might finally launch on Friday.

Samsung Mobile's Nigeria Twitter account confirmed that Samsung will have a 3 month exclusive on BlackBerry Messenger for Android. They also briefly mentioned it will be available "from Friday" which leads us to believe that will be the official launch date.

Speaking of BBM for Android, in case you didn't notice the app leaked this afternoon. Sadly we still can't use it, as it's locked out for anyone except whitelisted special accounts. So it appears they are still running a few last minute tests, and then will launch it for Samsung devices.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 3.21.21 PM

This is good news for Samsung, and their users, but a Blackberry fail for the millions of other Android devices out and in the wild. Or billion, to be more precise. However, we're pretty sure the Android developer community will get it working on all devices rather quickly, so it's only a matter of time. Stay tuned as we're searching for more details as we speak.

-- Thanks for the tip guys!

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  • Victor Armando Cortiñas Montil

    i have Samsung, but i dont like that exclusivity cause i know a lot of people that donesnt have samsung phones

  • Isaiah Phillip

    I was looking for a android phone since I heard bbm was coming to ‘Android’ but it seems like I’m out of luck -_-

    • Only for 3 months.. then others will get it.

      • Isaiah Phillip

        I’ve been waiting since they first announced it smh :-/

    • Ivan Kurniawan Prasetyo

      Well. its android. If you didn’t have much patient, just change your phone identity to samsung and install the .apk from samsung device. I’m sure this will work somehow. I’ve seen so many “samsung exclusive app” that can be used in other device…. except the camera, because it directly involved hardware.

  • asdf

    Aha, was wondering who was most likely to buy Blackberry after MS swallowed Nokia…

  • Edward Daniels

    i think this dumb and 3 months is a long time to wait for an app that was suppose to be for android and ios. we waited all this time just to have to wait an additional 3 months. this kinda behavior turn me off from wanting the app in the first place.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Is this exclusively limited to Nigeria or South Africa?

  • r0v3rT3N

    This actually turned out to be false, a BlackBerry employee made a statement. Check out the CrackBerry article.

  • Fae

    Update: BBM Communications Director at BlackBerry, Victoria Berry, issued the following statement toCrackBerry: “The excitement around the upcoming BBM launch on iPhone and Android devices seems to know no bounds. Although I’m a big fan of this passion, I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM. We’ll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon.” via Pocket-lint

  • rai7 feeha

    Good very good