Battlefield 4 may give you your adrenaline-pumping fix, but the game also offers a different perspective for those who wish a more strategic gaemplay. Now with the Commander companion app, players or their friends can take on the role of a Commander to rally troops and battle it out with brains over brawn.

Battlefield 4’s Commander Mode allows another player outside the team, on top of the maximum allowed number of players. The Commander can view the game from a more Real-Time Strategy (RTS) point of view instead of the normal first-person shooter (FPS) view of the game. The Commander is able to give ground troops valuable information as he or she can see opposing commander actions and high-value targets. In short, the Commander has a more tactical overview of the situation that could give players the upper hand.

The Battlefield 4 Commander app for Android lets Commanders jump in on any game right from their mobile device. The lets Commanders communicate directly via VoIP on supported platforms, call in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), air strikes, or send vehicles and supplies in aid of your teammates. All from the convenience of your Android device, complete with touch-optimized controls and gestures.

The Battlefield 4 Commander app is available for free on Google Play Store, but it requires users to own the Battlefield 4 game itself on any of the supported platforms. The companion app can also be used together with the Battlelog app, also free on Google Play Store.

Download: Battlefield 4 Commander, Battlelog on Google Play Store

  • Carl Dale

    Do you you think this app will ever come to the mobile handsets? I agree it will be harder to devleop than for tablets due to screen size but it would be good to command the battle leisurely sitting on the Metro.

    • See above. With Paranoid Android it can be downloaded.

    • Carl Dale

      Ok thanks, I’m new to Android.

  • Christopher Williamson

    Get Paranoid Android and you can run it now in tablet mode. I believe the only check is for a tablet-like DPI.

    • Jason Rogers

      What is this and how do I do it im on a Galaxy note 2

      • Jason Rogers

        Nevermind that craps way above my knowledge beside im on tmobile and im sure my pnone is locked

      • default159

        Only AT&T and Verizon I believe lock their phones. I’m actually on a Tmo Note 2 with Paranoid Android set to tablet layout, but it still isn’t letting me use it anyway.

      • lil sqwerty

        Galaxy note 10.1 nothing happens unless you want a black screen

  • Rambo

    For how long do we have to wait for it to be released to phone models??

  • Greeny

    I see so at the moment I STILL can’t play it because its not supported on mobile phone devices. Waste of time me hearing the the thing was out and getting all excited :/ thanks for that!