If you are a user of the HTC Evo smartphone and you want a case that will protect your sweet smartphone from just about anything this side of a tank running over it, Ballistic has announced that it is offering its Ballistic HC series case for the Evo right now.

The sweet case is very rugged and robust with a five-layer protection system that will protect your device from drops, scratches, and impacts. The case also protects from dust. The case has an optional outer layer for even more protection and ships with an integrated screen protector and a durable holster.

Ballistic says that the cases will start to ship on December 13 and they are offered in three colors. The colors include red/black, black, and gray/black. I like the red/black design the best. The cases sell for $49.99 each. You can check out the video below to get more of an idea how the case will protect your Evo.

  • Niels

    Looks awesome.. Want something similar for my Desire..

  • MEvo

    Real nice having that is like just added insurance

  • EVOpixels

    This doesn’t look good at all. The phone is already bigger than most phones, weighs more and this will only make the phone a tank. I just pay for the insurance so if my phone or screen cracks/breaks I get a new one.

    • Evanhuss1001

      Yes, and then you wind up buying the phone multiple times. Way to go dumbass

  • Yeah, but insurance now a days is 100 dollars for replacement. Plus for people like myself that are very picky about their phone having scratches and dings….this case is amazing. Plus when you work EMS and it gets dropped on semi regular basis….it is awesome protection!

  • Evo!!!!!!#1

    I found the case on amazon for $26 I will be ordering vary soon!!!