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Android Helps Google Soar in Q3 Earnings

Google has announced their Q3 earnings, and rave about Android's part in making it such a successful quarter (helping to make them very rich). Android Marketplace now has over 90,000 applications and it doesn't appears that they'll be slowing down any time soon. However, Google isn't looking to make a ton money from the Android Market (they're doing pretty well with Google Search). They know it's a way for developers to get paid and that's just fine with them.

Android Oscilloscope Blends Music and Entertainment

This amazing device is an Android Bluetooth Oscillioscope. It's base module driven by a dsPIC (Digital Signal Controller) for signal processing. After the signal is processed, an LMX9838 Bluetooth module broadcasts the data to the phone so a waveform is displayed. According to reports, when you port Python code used over a set of Java and XML files you can get the device to run on Android.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Goes for a “Tube Test”

Samsung is getting very creative at promoting its products, especially when it comes to the much-anticipated launch of its Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2.  Beginning Monday, October 18, for a period of two weeks, Samsung will be letting commuters in the London tube stations borrow a Galaxy Tab for 48 hours. This is such an ingenious idea to collect and analyze real user feedback before they debut the product on November 1.

T-Mobile’s VISIONary App Gives New (Temp) Root

T-Mobile G2 has been given temporary root access relief. The relief is a VISIONary app (named after HTC's Vision/G2). VISIONary was created by a member on MoDaCo, which creates temporary root access on the G2 at the touch of a button. This is a huge help for G2 users, considering the device's root access was lost every time the handset restarted.

T-Mobile’s Comet A Star With Android 2.2

T-Mobile is scheduled to launch Comet with Android 2.2 on November 3. It's going to be the first entry-level smartphone with Android OS that will be available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Not only will this device feature Android 2.2 OS, but it will have access to thousands of apps through Android Market.

T-Mobile UK Turns Android Donut into Éclair But Where’s the Froyo?

Aggravated users are to asking Sony Ericsson to make a technology jump to Android 2.1. T-Mobile UK has just announced that users can expect a big change in the Android OS by the end of next month. They promise to push out an over air update for customers using Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or X10 Mini Pro and inform users via text message when the update is available.

Android 2.2 Recent Concerns

After the highly anticipated release of Android 2.2 updates for Droid X, the update from Android 2.1 to 2.2 has created concerns (and problems) for Motorola forum users. Some of the recently addressed concerns with the new Android OS are random rebooting, WiFi connection and stability issues, battery manager "force close" errors, and media not playing properly.

Majority of Android Phones Running 2.1 and Higher

Google has updated its distribution totals and revealed to us that 73.8% of various Android OS builds are using some version of Android 2.x. Intriguing to developers, the latest data shows that the largest percentage of Android OS use is with Android 2.1 (40.4%), while the second most used OS is Android 2.2 (33.4%). Unfortunately, there are still 26.1% of Android Market users running on Android 1.6 and 1.5. Google regularly builds these charts to help developers prioritize which OS is the most common and which one their apps should support. Reports back in May showed that the majority of users then used older Android 1.6 compared to the then-current 2.1 OS. However, the pie chart (above) was based on data collected on 14 days of Android Market access, ending on October 1. This new data clearly shows that the shift has been made from the majority of Android OS users previously running on 1.6 and older to now running on 2.1 and later OS versions. Android is improving their OS and rumor has it that they are getting ready to launch another update next week. Are you excited for the new (rumored) launch? [via Electronista]

Android the Up-coming Enterprise

Android-based handsets and tablets are here to stay. With Verizon's large-scale launch of its data-oriented high-speed LTE 4G network, in 38 mobile markets across the U.S, it's easy to see why Android is trying to take the wireless world by storm. Android OS and the handsets it runs on make it more appealing to both consumers and to enterprise managers. On the enterprise front, Verizon's Motorola Droid Pro is among the first Android devices to offer Cisco IPsec VPN connectivity.
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