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Wind River announces commercial Android solution

Wind River, a member of the Open handset Alliance (OHA), has announced that they will begin to offer a commercial software solution based off of Google’s Android platform. This solution is designed to comprise software systems integration services and compatible commercially supported Android software platform for both handset manufacturers and developers looking to develop for Android. Wind River joined the OHA back in November of 2007, but we have not heard very much out of them at the time. In addition to this announcement Wind River also announced that Kyocera Wireless Corp. to help develop a new product that incorporates Android, can you say cheap Android phone?
“Wind River is leveraging its deep involvement with the Open Handset Alliance to offer a Wind River supported and maintained Android solution to companies planning to deploy Android,” said Jason Whitmire, general manager of the Mobile segment at Wind River. “This is compelling to manufacturers and operators because it mitigates the cost and risk associated with open source solutions.”
Wind River’s software integration services include end-to-end Android implementations including the customization, testing tailored to customer’s devices and optimization.  Currently these services for Android are being sent to customers worldwide.  Earlier on in 2008, Wind River partnered up with Texas Instruments, NEC Electronics and STMicroelectronics to demonstrate the Android platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. As with most new Android breakthroughs this should be available in the first half of 2009. It seems to be a growing trend to not give any specifics in reference to a release date on anything Android related. [Via MoneyControl]

New Android-powered HTC Hero?

It appears that HTC may have leaked a little info, which is not always a bad thing, especially for us. Someone over at the PPCCGeeks forum is claiming to have HTC’s full 2009 roadmap. Now we all know what’s coming next, one of the rumored handsets is an Android-powered one. The HTC Hero or “Android Hero” actually looks like a Hello Kitty yakked all over a cheap Chinese knock off of the T-Mobile G1 crossed with the HTC Touch Pro. It does not appear that this rumored device will indeed be a US bound handset, but it is still said to be running Android and that in itself is exciting enough. There are always going to be rumors of a new HTC Android-powered handset floating around because of the G1. Why in the world would HTC – a company known for their sleek black phones – go with a pink handset? There are also plenty of other reasons this does not lineup. We want to hear from you guys, what do you think about this handset if it were real? Why is or isn’t this a real phone? [Via PPCGeek]

Another multi-touch G1 video, this time without kernel modification

Some of you may be getting sick of seeing the same Android news over and over again while hoping for something new. Sadly this post is just another story with a different look. Multi-touch has been demonstrated on the T-Mobile G1 before, but here we go again. Back in November we reported on a video made by RyeBrye that showed that two separate finger presses could be recorded on the G1 if the kernel was recompiled with the functionality put back in. Now we have another video created by Sir Luke Hutch. He claims to provide this demo on a stock G1 and will release instructions for developers who would like to incorporate it into their applications. He modified just one system class in the Java-based user interface stack. From what we can see this appears to work perfectly. So does this mean we will be seeing multi-touch in Android applications in the near future?  Got 6 minutes? Take a look at this video and tell us what you think. [youtube][/youtube] [Via YouTube]

Android Community Week in Review – Week 2 2009

There was not much new reported in the way of Android this week partially due to the to CES this week in Los Vegas. We will be playing catch-up this coming week not only in Android news but also in the community as well. This week started off with a young girl by the name of “Kommodore” who got an Android tattoo on the inside of her arm. Though plenty of people have talked about it, no one has actually gone through with it. Also this week Mr. Blurry Cam got us some pictures of the new Kogan Agora Pro. This is not the first time we have seen this handset and it is no surprise to us how it appears. One thing we did not account for in the previous pictures is the overall plain square look. We certainly hope the handset manages to get another tweak before we actually see it come to market. At CES this week we did get to see some Android displays. This one however is not particularly a device, more like a prototype demonstration of what Android is capable of. We did manage to snag some video of it in action though. Qualcomm demoed Android on a large WVGA screen with 1.5GHz dual-core CPU complete with integrated HSPA+, support for1080p high definition, mobile TV and also GPS capability. This certainly shows us that Snapdragon is ideal for Android with its heavily Internet based functions.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Android prototype complete with Video Demo

At CES this past week Qualcomm was demonstrating the Snapdragon-based reference prototype running Google’s Android operating system. This demo included a large WVGA display along with Snapdragon’s always-on wireless connection to demonstrate the stability of Android on a larger scale device that the T-Mobile G1.It may not look like much all torn up on the table but it speaks volumes for the Android platform. The Snapdragon has a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU complete with integrated HSPA+, and support for1080p high definition. It also has support for mobile TV and GPS capabilities making this perfect for the on the go user. Based on an ARM platform, Qualcomm has modified the processors to run at three times the normal speed. The company suggests that the Snapdragon-based devices will be able to stay connected to a data network. Qualcomm says that Snapdragon is ideal for Android with its heavily Internet based functions. This company has demonstrated a touchscreen netbook based on this chipset. They have also confirmed that Snapdragon devices will launch sometime in 2009. We are all aware that Google intended the Android platform to be more than just a mobile phone platform. I will gladly take an Android-powered netbook any day, lets just hope that they push one out sooner rather than later. [youtube][/youtube] [Via SlashGear] [gallery]

Mr. Blurrycam gets a hold of the Agora Pro just before rumored debut at CES

Mr. Blurrycam has made the rounds yet again, this time bringing new live photos of the Australian Agora Pro by Kogan.  Why does it seem the leaked photos are always blurry for some reason? In this case lets hope that the photos are not doing the device justice. From what we can see the Agora Pro is very, well, square. No other words come to mind when trying to describe the lack of dimension and design that we see in these photos.  Work on the street is that we will be seeing this device on the floor at CES, which we will be vigilantly watching for Android-powered handsets. If the Kogan Agora Pro does make it to the floor at CES this week we will have a complete first hands on right here on Android Community. Watch all this week as we bring anything Android related out of those booths on here on the front page. [Via Engadget] [gallery]

Google’s Android appears on young girls arm, where will it be next?

We have been talking about Android tattoos and even doing our own mockups to get a laugh, but laugh no more as Natalie “Kommodore” Thompson has gone and joined Zune Guy and now the BlackBerry Storm man with consumer electronics logos. The little Android “Andy” as many of us call him has been tattooed on the inside of her wrist. The tattoo appears upright from only the beholders point of view unless combing through her hair with her hands. Though this piece does not appear to be of any great quality to those of us with extensive background in the world of tattoos, it certainly gets that wow factor. We know a lot of you out there have been considering an “Andy” tattoo, so where are they already? If you have one that we just have not seen yet, please do share. [Via MySpace] [gallery]

Android Community Week in Review – Week 1 2009

We started the week off with a hardware hack that allows users to use the T-Mobile G1 with an iPod dock and speakers. Though this hack is not pretty and only somewhat useful, it is very interesting and really gives the iPod the good old one two. Open source developers who prefer using Python to Java can now rejoice as Damon over at has managed to get it running on his G1. As most projects are in the first stages this is still a little rough, but it does show great promise with future development. More photos of the OpenMoko FreeRunner running Android have surfaced. Nothing new or exciting to report here. ShopSavvy needs your help to win the Crunchies 2008 Best Mobile App award. Voting only takes a few seconds and two clicks of the mouse. Please help Big In Japan win the award for creating such an amazing application. Google has sent out an email to those registered as developers informing them that paid applications will indeed be available in mid January. So grab the free applications while you can. HTC has a firm belief that the cupcake update will become legitimately available through Google in time. HTC has no say while Google and T-Mobile are in full control of what is included in the update. Right now Google and T-Mobile are declining to comment on such a statement. The guys over at VentureBeat have managed to get Android running on the Eee PC 1000 netbook. Though there are still a few issues with the port, they say that the process was fairly easy. There were a few other discoveries made while digging through the source code. The RC29 firmware has made its way to the Internet and now users who upgraded to the RC30 firmware and lost root access can now regain it. The process is fairly easy to do and has been confirmed to work. As with all firmware updates we advise you to proceed with caution.

Regain root access of your G1 with leaked RC29 firmware

How many of you upgraded your T-Mobile G1 to the RC30 firmware only to find that you no longer had root access?  A member by the name of “chavonbravo over at the XDA-developers forum has gotten his hands on the uploaded image for the RC29 firmware. The process is quite simple, simply rename the file, copy it over to your microSD card, and run through the standard procedure for re0flashing your G1. This method has been tested and does indeed work but proceed with caution, as with all firmware hacking of any kind there are risks involved. Good luck to all those who are going to revert to a much easier hackable firmware. With this new method out there, how many of you are now going to slave away trying to regain control of your handset?

Android up and running on Eee netbook

When Google set out to create Android they never wanted to limit it just to mobile phones such as the T-Mobile G1. Instead they designed it to eventually be compatible on everything from computers to in dash navigation systems. For now these ventures will have to be home grown by those daring enough to load it up on their devices. The guys over at VentureBeat have managed to get Android loaded up and running on an Eee PC 1000 netbook. While this is still not a very powerful notebook, this is certainly some major progress. Though it may look a bit odd on such a large screen, Android is now running on the ASUS netbook despite initial sound and networking issues. While digging through the source code they were able to locate not only the phone policy but also a MID (mobile internet device) policy suggesting that Google had already been planning for an Android-powered netbook in early builds of Android. Dima Zavin, one of Google’s own developers has ported Android over to another Intel-based netbook stating that there was no real technical issue there to prevent it. VentureBeat managed to find Czech, German, English (Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States), Spanish, Japanese, German and Dutch translation options suggesting that the launch of this platform in other countries may be next. [Via SlashGear] [gallery]
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