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Where can you pickup a T-Mobile G1 for $125?

With the holiday season coming up and the recent crunch in the economy we are all looking for the best deals on gifts this holiday season. Today millions of people are logging on to the Internet and trying to snatch up whatever deals they can find. For those who are dying to get a T-Mobile G1 for a loved one or even for yourself and have an American Express card, have we got a deal for you. For a very limited time you can order a G1 for $125 from My Wishlist. We just stumbled upon it this morning and there are only 200 units available so act fast! Paying $125 rather than $179 sure makes us wish we had an American Express card. At any rate this is a very good deal for 200 lucky customers this year. During this My Wishlist promotion American Express also offers many other gift ideas for everyone on your list. So go by and check it out before the deals are all gone.

Android Community Week in Review – Week 48 2008

Last week we reported that a user that goes by the name RyeBrye found the capability of multi-touch in the T-Mobile G1. Well he’s back and this time he brings us video proof. You can see clearly traces of multiple fingers at one time on the screen of the G1. It has occurred to many that Android would be a good match for netbooks. The operating system is opensource and thus cuts the overall cost of the device down, which is one of the points of netbooks. There are rumors that we may see Android on a netbook by the holiday season next year. PhoneFusion has brought the promised visual voice mail application to the Android Market. G1 users everywhere will be very happy to know that the interface has been changed from the hideous interface that has been seen on previous handsets. Now iPhone owners have one less thing to say when trying to prove that the iPhone is the most amazing phone ever. One application that we all have been eagerly awaiting is the Opera mobile browser. Wait no longer, it has finally come.  One feature Opera has that users might find particularly intriguing is the fact that instead of downloading web pages to the phone and then rendering them, the web page is rendered on their servers and then sent directly to the handset itself. While being a little more bandwidth heavy this method shortens load times. Our users are reporting redirect issues with the G1’s browser. Apparently when trying to navigate to, users are being directed to an antivirus download site. We thought Google addressed this issue once before, but apparently there is much work to be done. For those of us who held out for a white G1, the wait is finally over.  Unlike the black and brown models, the white model is only white on the screen and “chin” portions of the device. The keyboard and back piece of the G1 are silver. Google was turned down for the “Android” trademark on August 20th. This apparently has not stopped them as they are reportedly trying to appeal this before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. This denial has not stopped Google from making it appear that they have the trademark.  The Google’s brand guidelines clearly state, “Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.” With the G1 doing so well HTC has raised their expected shipment number to 1 million by the end of 2008. HTC CEO Peter Chou says, “HTC was too tough for the global economic recession to weigh down.” HTC is doing exceptionally well with the release of the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Touch Pro.  Colorware has added the G1 to their extensive lineup of available handsets for colorization. G1 owners can get a custom paintjob on their G1, but it’s going to cost a pretty penny.  Its no problem if you do not already have a T-Mobile G1, they also sell the device painted and all. ShopSavvy reportedly does not work on unlocked G1 handsets because of the need for a location from the SIM card. Not all regions are yet supported by ShopSavvy due to the nature of the application. If you’re using an unsupported SIM card the application will not appear in the Android Market.  With news of an Android-powered handset being developed in China it gets old never seeing an actual device. Qigi has given us something to chew on while we wait.  Qigi’s i6 comes in two versions, one that runs Windows Mobile 6.1, and one that runs none other than Google’s Android.

Qigi offers a slick smartphone that runs either Android or Windows Mobile 6.1

Yet another Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has decided to create and Android-powered handset. This time its Qigi and they bring plenty of pictures. From what we can see this handset is really something to get excited about. The new i6 smartphone will be coming in two versions, one that runs Google’s Android and the other that runs Windows Mobile 6.1. Both versions will be sporting a 2.8-inch 65k color LCD touchscreen and Marvell Monohans 624MHz processor. Other specifications include a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD card slot integrated GPS and Wi-Fi. This phone is quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, but lacks basic 3G. This may really hit where it hurts when downloading applications from the Internet.  We must admit we are getting kind of sick of hearing about all these cheap Chinese phones without ever seeing a thing, but the i6 has restored our faith. Next year is going to be a wild one for Android. [Via Eprice] [gallery]

ShopSavvy reportedly does not work with unlocked handsets

We just found out that users who unlock their G1 will not be able to use the ShopSavvy application on their Android-powered handset. For the time being ShopSavvy is only available if you have a SIM card for a country that they currently support (US, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Holland, Japan and China). This issue was first reported when A Phoenix user phoned ShopSavvy developers, Big In Japan, reporting that the application was not in the Android market.  Turns out the user did not have a compatible SIM card in their G1; this creates a problem with the application being “internalized” for each market. By not having a SIM card your location cannot be found resulting in the application not showing up. Developers say that if more users go the unlocked route they may adapt accordingly to fit the overall needs of customers, but until then users with an unlocked G1 are simply out of look.

We want to wish all our members a happy Thanksgiving this holiday season

This Thanksgiving we would like to take the time to thank all of the people that have come together over the last year to help Android Community become what it is today. We are grateful for every one of our users who takes the time to read our blog and participate in the community. Every one of our members has contributed to making this site a community by creating and joining social groups, posting photos blogging and pulling together to help each other out when there is a problem. In talking with members the last few months we have really gotten to know some amazing people out there. Thank all of you for your time and effort in our community. To our Moderation staff and Lead Androids, not just for making sure the site stays spam free, but for helping keep our site in order. They all contribute to AC in so many different ways, from updating the Knowledge Base to making sure the Android Apps section stays as up to date as possible. We really appreciate all the efforts made by our Moderators and Lead Androids and would like to say thank you for all that you have done. We are also thankful for all the support that companies such as Google, T-Mobile and HTC for always lending a helping hand whenever we need it. Everyone has always been so prompt when confirming or denying rumors or product info when we need details fast. T-Mobile was very willing to help us prepare for one of the first G1 reviews. Special thanks go out to developers for Android who have helped us out along the way, including Jason Hudgins, Rylan Barnes and Alexander Muse of Big In Japan for all the updates and interviews. We want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season this year. We hope everyone has the chance to be with the ones that they love during Thanksgiving today.

Colorware lets you get funky with your G1

Colorware has done it again, you guessed it this time they have gone and colorized the G1. Now those of you who can’t decide on a color won’t have to. This company has been bringing color to handsets and devices with great quality for some time now. Though their services are a bit on the steep side, we can personally testify to the superb quality of their work. Its going to cost you anywhere from $15 for the keyboard or bottom of the device to $220 for the entire thing. If you still haven’t purchased your T-Mobile G1 yet well you’re in luck. They also offer the units as well starting at $770 without a contract. The price breakdown goes as follows, Main Display $175, Keyboard $15, Bottom $15 and back for $15. We would love to see pictures of the colors out members have chosen.

HTC raises G1 shipment forecast to 1 million by the end of 2008

While it may be tough times for smartphone makers worldwide, HTC has raised its shipment forecasts for the T-Mobile G1 and Windows-powered Touch Diamond, putting shipment volumes of both in the millionth range by the end of 2008. In a statement that HTC CEO Peter Chou made on November 21st, it is said that the company expects to sell up to a million units of the T-Mobile G1, while HTC Touch Diamond handset shipments are expected to hit the 3 million mark by the end of the year. HTC’s Chou also fenced off rumors of a pending layoff, as well as those of decreased orders, proudly proclaiming that HTC was too tough for the global economic recession to weigh down. The company’s condition is so good, in fact, that they’re currently looking at acquiring a handset design company in the US. But no matter how recession-proof a company is, the real test of its strength will come when it gets pitted against the toughest competition. For example, Asus, who says they will go against HTC in the 2009 smartphone race, should be a worthy opponent. We’ll see just how tough High Tech Computer really is, by then. [Via Digitimes]

Google continues to fight for Android trademark

After Google was refused the trademark of the term “Android” back on August 20th, 2008, the news about the situation calmed and it seemed as if Google had given up. Now we have received word that Google’s attorneys are appealing the decision before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. We can see that Google will fight this to the death because even though they were denied the trademark, the Google’s brand guidelines clearly state, "Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions." We say this is a pretty nice try, but it will take more than that to scare others away.  With so many different items and definitions to the word Android, it’s going to be pretty hard for them to swing this one. [Via uspto]

The T-Mobile G1 gets hijacked!

The latest update that Google pushed out (RC30) is suppose to fix the browser hijacker security flaw that was originally reported in Android software. Well it appears that Google is going back to the drawing board because our users have been hijacked! Our users are reporting an attack when they try to visit their Yahoo home page. Instead of going to their homepage it redirects them to the antivirus download page for whatever reason. While we are unsure what is causing this, it appears it just started happening yesterday. There is no threat to any information in the applications other than the web browser. Google limits the browser so that no hijackers can gain access to personal information in other applications such as BioWallet. Google has not made any comments on this issue thus far. There is development on antivirus applications for Google’s Android and the G1 going on right now.  How many of our members are experiencing similar problems?  Will anyone be purchasing antivirus software for their G1 now to gain some peace of mind?

Opera Mini 4.2 finally makes its way to the Android Market

Back in April, Opera released a preview of their mobile Opera Mini browser for the Android SDK. It looked as good as ever with running on Android, but it still was not complete. Until now we have had to deal with the less than perfect integrated Android browser. Now users have a choice as to which browser they will use to surf the net. Newly introduced into the Android Market is Opera Mini 4.2 made specifically for Android. What a relief to see one of our favorite browsers on our new favorite handset! However this version is reportedly not without bugs. Some highlights of the mobile browser are changeable skins and the “speed dial” features that gives you a nice grid of popular windows so you don’t have to open your bookmarks every time. Opera Mini is very unique in the fact that instead of downloading the page to your device and then rendering it, the browser renders it on their servers and then sends it to the handset reducing the load time. Our question to you is, how do you like it? Is this enough to get you to completely stop using the native browser? Send us a comment and let us know.