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Google’s own cloud storage service to launch soon

We've all sent ourselves countless emails through GMail with important files attached to place them on Google's servers for easy access. There's no shame in that; it's easy, fast, and works. No need for an installed application, as it is accessible from whichever device you decide to login from. But haven't you wondered when Google would release their own cloud service?

Google Wallet PIN can be compromised on rooted Android devices

When progressing through a Google Wallet transaction via NFC, the system requires the user to input his/her PIN to follow through with their transaction. Zvelo, a respected security firm based in Colorado, has communicated to Google that due to their current security architecture, rooted devices PIN information is at risk. Most of you are not included in this small pool of people, and should be safe.

US Justice Department to approve Google’s Motorola buyout soon

This news seemed to come and go way back when it was first announced, but the Google-Motorola deal may finally see its end in the coming week(s). Slated for February 13th, the US Justice Department is set to approve the deal, but it seems some US and European antitrust enforcers are still worried Google could attempt licensing current (and future) Motorola patents to other companies on unfair terms. But isn't that what Google just spent $12.5 billion to do? Not necessarily practice unfairly - but run their new company the way the see fit?

Autonome demonstrates a wireless charging concept for all smartphones

Lets start off by saying this unique idea looks as if it has already gone into production. The concept completely rebuilds the way a manufacturer would design their product, and even looks like an improvement. Many of us struggle with making sure our smartphones can last throughout our busy day until we can finally plug them back into the charger. And with new 4G LTE smartphones, battery drain is probably your worst enemy.

Microsoft OneNote makes its way to Android

Isn't it odd having to install third-party applications like DocsToGo to open Microsoft Word documents or Excel spreadsheets? Well, Microsoft has started porting over its entire suite of Office programs over to Android - one by one. First up, we've got Microsoft OneNote.

Instagram could hit Android very soon

There's no doubt developers have caught on that making their application(s) Android compatible opens up doors of revenue and mass exposure. However, there are a couple popular applications that haven't quite made it over yet - and of them Instagram is sought after by many. We've known about their plans to make it Android compatible for quite some time, but how much longer will we have to wait?