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Samsung Galaxy Note to show up on the Three UK network

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been an extremely hot topic here in the US as of late, but overseas its been out for quite some time. However, that doesn't mean every carrier is offering it. The Note is set to show up on the Three UK cellular network sometime soon. This was just announced by the carrier themselves, and that they'll be carrying the white version.

ASUS releases another teaser video before MWC

Just yesterday, ASUS dropped a 'Teaser video II' that doesn't give much away, except that we should expect "twice the detail" in one of their upcoming products at MWC. With only two days until the actual event, you'd think they would ease up on the teasing and just let us painlessly await their press conference. Alas, that wasn't their plan, and they have just dropped 'Teaser video III'.

Dropbox incorporates automatic image upload into latest update

Much like Google+, Dropbox now has the ability to automatically sync your Android photos to your Dropbox storage account. However, instead of resizing your images like Google+ does, Dropbox will upload an image of any size. Mobile cameras are improving at a steady rate, so the ability to retain the quality of your photos could be very important to many users.

LG Optimus 4X HD revealed, sports Tegra 3 and a 4.7-inch display

LG was rather quick to adopt a dual-core chip architecture in the Optimus 2X, and now they are close to showing off the Tegra 3 quad-core processor in the Optimus 4X HD. From the shot pictured below, it's obviously running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and seems to be absent of capitative navigation keys. Oddly, the included ICS on-screen navigation isn't present.

ZTE will unveil new quad-core 4G LTE devices at MWC

As MWC nears, more manufacturers are starting to hint at what they have to offer. Joining this bandwagon is ZTE; they plan to release multiple devices next week that incorporate both quad-core processors and 4G LTE. Precisely which 4G LTE network they've decided on is still unknown.
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