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Stable version of XBMC XAF custom build released for Android

If you have your eyes on an Android-powered HT PC for the living room, a stable XAF custom build of XBMC is now available for Android users. The people behind the software say that it's the first and only truly end user-friendly release of XBMC available on the Internet. If you're not familiar with XBMC, it is a media center software suite that uses third-party add-ons allowing you to access content available online in formats that are easy-to-use.

Things are looking up for HTC thanks to strong demand for the One

The outlook at HTC was very bleak earlier this year as demand for its smartphones continued to decline in the face of increasing competition from Samsung and other Android smartphone makers. However, HTC bet big on its new smartphone called the HTC One. In fact, HTC was so confident in its new smartphone that it promised a turnaround for Q2 of 2013 once the device gained traction.

Touch screen computer monitors running Android are on the horizon

It's difficult to set most computer monitors apart from other products on the market for manufacturers. There are number of units that offer touch support for computers running Microsoft Windows 8 and other operating systems, and most of them are virtually identical. An analyst from a company called WitsView believes that computer monitors featuring integrated Android operating system will be coming to the market soon.

Samsung Galaxy Core borrows some Galaxy S 4 features for less

Samsung creates some of the most popular Android devices in all of the ecosystem. The company is undoubtedly going to sell hordes of its new Galaxy S 4 smartphone. The problem for some people is that the S 4 will be more than their budget can support. Samsung is aiming at these budget shoppers with a new low to midrange device that looks a whole lot like the S 4 but carries a lower price.

Dextr e-mail client hits Android

If you typically check your e-mail on your mobile device using Gmail and you're on a limited data plan of some sort, hordes of spam could be costing you money. Tons of spam on your mobile device also means you have to wade through a bunch of e-mail you don't care anything about looking for those few messages that you do care about. A new e-mail client has landed for Android that might help you wade through some of the clutter.

Reports suggest LG will make Nexus 5 for Google

Rumors are circulating today out of Korea that claim LG will produce the fifth device to wear the Nexus name. The device is believed to be the Nexus 5 and so far very little is actually known about the product. The Nexus 4 only launched in November so a Nexus 5 device launching anytime soon would be very unlikely.

Android web traffic up significantly

A new report released this week about the Android operating system in the share of web traffic generated by Android devices. Reports from a company called Netapplications and it shows that Android traffic on the Internet is up significantly compared to last year. According to the report, web traffic generated by the Android operating system is up 35% compared to the same period of last year.
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