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Acer Liquid E2 smartphone gets official

Acer has officially unveiled its latest smartphone offering running the Android operating system. The smartphone is called the Liquid E2 and is the first quad-core smartphone from Acer to feature optional dual SIM card slots. Having two SIM card slots means that users have the functionality of two mobile devices in one easier to manage handset.

ZTE signs Microsoft patent license agreement for Android

Microsoft continues to land significant patent license agreements with manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets. The latest company to come on board with Microsoft and sign a patent license agreement is the ZTE. The company has signed an agreement licensing both Android and Chrome OS devices.

Groupon app update brings support for Android tablets and more

If you're a fan of the coupon/deals app Groupon, the company has issued an update for Android users. The embedded application brings a new universal search feature to make it easier to find deals that are nearby. That improved search functionality allows users to search not only time sensitive local deals but persistent offers that are close by as well.

BBC finally brings iPlayer Radio app to Android

If you're a fan of British radio programming that uses an Android device, you'll be glad to hear that the BBC has finally launched its iPlayer Radio app for Android users. It's been six months now since the BBC launched the app for iOS users. The good news is that BBC's James Simcock says the Android app has improvements that make it better than the iPhone application that launched last year.

Uhost3 Android TV set-top box isn’t so boxy

There is no shortage of Android-powered set-top boxes on the market today. The good news is that means there are devices to meet just about every price range and any style you might be interested in. Most of the set-top boxes are actually square or rectangular making them true boxes. However, if you want something not quite so boxy for your entertainment center the new Uhost3 quad-core Android TV set top box might be for you.

Thor: Lord of Storms game hits Android

If you are looking for a new game for your Android device early in the week to distract you from all of the work week still left to come, you might want to check out the newest offering from Animoca. The game is called Thor: Lord of Storms and the game launched on Android for the first time this week. The game is an action strategy-defense title based on Norse mythology.

Android 4.2 tipped as the last update for HTC One X

A lot of the Android smartphone users out there wait in anticipation for the next version of the operating system to be made available for their device. Earlier this month, we learned that the HTC One X will be getting a Android 4.2.2 operating system update in June. That certainly was good news for One X users.

Software code hints at camera wink control for Google Glass

It seems like every time I think we've heard everything there is to hear about the Google Glass wearable computing device, more details surface. Hints at a new method of control have surfaced in the MyGlass app code. The code hints that the camera embedded inside the Google Glass device will have wink control.

More Android-powered laptops on the way claim insiders

The computer industry is dropping like a rock in the face of increased competition from tablets and smartphones. Many analysts point at the unappealing nature of Windows 8 and its marginal upgrade as part of the reason why the notebook market is failing. With consumers showing little interest in Windows 8 and Windows RT, reports indicate that some computer manufacturers are going to turn to Android.

Sunday comics fans can download the new GoComics app now

I'd wager one of the places a lot of comic book fans got their start was with the comics in the Sunday newspaper. If you're a fan of Sunday comics in your local paper, you might want to check out a new app from GoComics that is available for Android now. GoComics previously offered access to digital versions of some the comic strips printed in newspapers around the country via its website.
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