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Laser Mountain devs show off Android-powered laser tag

I'd wager that you're probably familiar with laser tag even if you've never played it. At the Disrupt NY Hackathon developers from a company called Laser Mountain showed off a new laser tag system using Android smartphones as game servers. Those Android smartphones were attached to Nerf guns.

Samsung debuts Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch tablet

Samsung has announced a new tablet offering to be added to its line of Android tablets called the Galaxy Tab 3. The new tablet has gone on a diet and is thinner than its predecessor and Samsung is offering it in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus 3G versions. The display for the tablet measures seven-inches and has a native resolution of 1024 x 600.

Earbits independent music discovery app hits Android

If you're a fan of independent music, an application is now available for Android devices that you may want to check out. The application is free and is called Earbits. The application allows independent musicians and labels to pay to promote their work to fans using the application.

Google tweaks Play store policies blocking external app updates

Google made changes to its Play store policies this week that are aimed at preventing applications from updating without going through the official Google approved methods. The change in Google Play policies comes after Facebook offered a direct update for its Facebook Home social homescreen rather than going through Google Play for the update. Clearly, Google didn't appreciate that.

AVG AntiVirus Free for Android passes 70 million downloads

Most Android device users know that they need some sort of protection on their device to prevent malware and viruses from taking over. One of the popular options when it comes to free protection for Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices comes from AVG. Specifically, the AVG AntiVirus Free for Android application is a popular choice.

Snapdragon 800 mass production begins in May

QUALCOMM has its SoCs inside some of the most popular Android devices on the market. Those devices include smartphone such as the GALAXY S 4 and HTC One among others. QUALCOMM's most popular SoC right now is the Snapdragon 600. The company is gearing up for mass production of its next-generation SoC.

Viber app security flaw allows the bypassing of the Android lock screen

Viber is an Internet application that allows messaging and other tasks that is a rival to Skype. Reports have surfaced that indicate Viber has a serious security vulnerability that would allow nefarious users to completely bypass the device's lock screen. The security flaw is a serious threat to a number of users, the app is been downloaded over 100 million times.

NASA put three Android-powered PhoneSats into orbit last weekend

It's been a while since we talked about NASA and its plans to put three Android smartphones into orbit. NASA first announced its plans for the PhoneSats in the summer of 2012. The smartphones at the heart of the small and inexpensive satellites are the HTC Nexus One. If you're wondering why NASA chose such old smartphones to use in the project, it has been in the works since those devices were new.

Samsung delays Knox launch

Samsung offered up a bunch the details on its Knox version of the Android operating system designed for business purposes back in March. The first time Samsung talked about Knox was in February and at the time it expected the business-oriented operating system to launch along with the GALAXY S4 this month. Sources are indicating that the launch of Knox is being delayed.

Will LG’s first flexible screen smartphone run Android?

There are a number of technology firms around the world hard at work on creating flexible displays to allow new form factors for smartphones and other devices. LG has announced that it plans to launch a smartphone using a flexible OLED screen before the end of 2013. LG hasn't offered up a lot in the way of details on the smartphone, but there is certainly a strong chance the device would run the Android operating system.
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