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Phoenix hits Kickstarter goal to bring Android apps to HP TouchPad

I think most of the people who follow the mobile realm when HP purchased Palm to get webOS wondered exactly what HP was thinking. The operating system already failed to lure in developers and buyers for Palm. HP apparently felt that its name or position was all it needed to get webOS to become a popular and viable alternative to Android and other smartphone operating systems.

Samsung brags about next-generation 5G network testing

Samsung is currently working on new network technology that you can bet we'll see in future Android smartphones. Samsung has announced that it has been successful with an impressive test of its next-generation 5G network. 5G networks are promised to be hundreds of times faster than current 4G mobile networks.

BBC show Watchdog to investigate Samsung Galaxy S 4 app bloat

A lot of people who purchased the Samsung Galaxy S 4 have turned the device on only to realize that only half the storage promised is available to use. The reason so much in the 16 GB of internal storage is full as soon as the device is turned on has to do with a huge amount of software bloat. The BBC network in the UK has a TV show called Watchdog.

Bluetooth SIG documents tip Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is real

If you follow the smartphone and technology world, you may be familiar with the Bluetooth SIG. That is an organization that lays hands on pretty much every device that uses Bluetooth to ensure that it works as it is supposed to. Some documents have turned up over on the Bluetooth SIG that seem to show that the rumored Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom is an actual device.

Samsung Galaxy Centura bound for Straight Talk

If you're in the market for a lower price smartphone wearing the Samsung name in running the Android operating system, a new offering is turned up called the Galaxy Centura. The phone has turned up online with all the details and is destined to land on the Straight Talk prepaid wireless network. The phone was tipped the of the official Samsung website.

Ouya Android-powered game console launch delayed until June 25

One of the most exciting Android devices to turn up on Kickstarter in recent memory was the Ouya game console. This device aims not only to bring Android games to your big-screen TV, but streaming video services and other content as well. The launch of the device had been expected for early June, but that has been delayed.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 teardown finds lots of Samsung parts

It was inevitable that someone would get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 and rip the device to shreds. We all know that when a new high-end device hits the market, the teardowns are coming. The first tear down of the Galaxy S 4 that we've seen comes from IHS.

G-Box Midnight MX2 runs Android and XBMC

Most of the Android products we talked about around here are either smartphones or tablets, but that certainly isn't the only place the operating system is used. Another very common place to find Android running the show is in the set top box market. A new set top box running Android that comes preloaded with XBMC has debuted.

Emotionsense App wants to put a therapist in your pocket

A strange new application has turned up for Android users that wants to turn your mobile phone into a therapist. The application is called Emotionsense and it's designed to monitor your text messages, calls, sounds, and your location to predict your mood. The goal of the application is to reveal when you're at your most stressed or happiest.
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