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Samsung Galaxy S 4 teardown finds lots of Samsung parts

It was inevitable that someone would get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 and rip the device to shreds. We all know that when a new high-end device hits the market, the teardowns are coming. The first tear down of the Galaxy S 4 that we've seen comes from IHS.

G-Box Midnight MX2 runs Android and XBMC

Most of the Android products we talked about around here are either smartphones or tablets, but that certainly isn't the only place the operating system is used. Another very common place to find Android running the show is in the set top box market. A new set top box running Android that comes preloaded with XBMC has debuted.

Emotionsense App wants to put a therapist in your pocket

A strange new application has turned up for Android users that wants to turn your mobile phone into a therapist. The application is called Emotionsense and it's designed to monitor your text messages, calls, sounds, and your location to predict your mood. The goal of the application is to reveal when you're at your most stressed or happiest.

Time Warner Cable TV app to get remote streaming update

Being able to stream your favorite television programs and movies to your mobile device when you're outside the home is a great capability. You might not always take advantage of it, but in those times when you're bored on the bus or at the airport and have nothing to do, being able to stream video content is welcome.

Rumored LG tablet coming later this year could use Android

LG already has a number of gadgets on the market today, and a number of those products use the Android operating system. A rumor has surfaced from Korea hinting that a new tablet is coming from LG in the second half of 2013. What's unclear according to the rumor source is what operating system the tablet will run.

Starz Play, Encore Play, and Movieplex Play apps hit Android

Most major subscription cable channels have been offering apps that allow users to stream movies and their original programs to their mobile devices for a while. The caveat to these apps includes the fact that you do have to subscribe to the movie networks via a participating cable provider to be able to use them. However, if you do subscribe to a cable provider that offers the networks you can watch streaming versions of your favorite shows and movies at no additional cost.

Snoop Dogg Snoopify app hits Android for shizzle

If you're looking for a new photo sharing app and happen to like rapper Snoop Dogg, you'll want to check out Snoopify. The app is a photo sharing offering from the rapper that allows you to take photos and enhance them with stickers of some of the things Snoop is famous (or infamous) for.

Stable version of XBMC XAF custom build released for Android

If you have your eyes on an Android-powered HT PC for the living room, a stable XAF custom build of XBMC is now available for Android users. The people behind the software say that it's the first and only truly end user-friendly release of XBMC available on the Internet. If you're not familiar with XBMC, it is a media center software suite that uses third-party add-ons allowing you to access content available online in formats that are easy-to-use.

Things are looking up for HTC thanks to strong demand for the One

The outlook at HTC was very bleak earlier this year as demand for its smartphones continued to decline in the face of increasing competition from Samsung and other Android smartphone makers. However, HTC bet big on its new smartphone called the HTC One. In fact, HTC was so confident in its new smartphone that it promised a turnaround for Q2 of 2013 once the device gained traction.
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