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Swift Remote app update adds auto server discovery

Android users who want to be able to control their PC and other devices from their smartphone may be familiar with the Swift Remote app. The app has been updated with several new features that will make it easier to connect and use. The new version of the app is v1.2.0 and is available for download now.

DoCoMo gets new Arrows and Aquos flip phones

Flip phones seem very retro to me, but some people love the form factor. It gives you a longer handset that might be more comfortable for some to hold. At the same time, the flip form factor makes it easier to store the phone away. It’s also quite satisfying to flip your device shut to end a call rather than hunting for a button. Japanese carrier DoCoMo is set to get two new flip phones that fans of the form factor might appreciate.

Domino’s Pizza lets customers order with a pizza emoji on twitter

If you are the sort that lives off Domino's pizza and are constantly tweeting this or that from your mobile phone or computer, a new pizza order method is landing soon in the US that you will love. Domino's is rolling out a system that will allow customers to tweet to order a pizza. The delivery chain will become the first major pizza franchise to use twitter on an ongoing basis for orders.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Android 5.1 update tipped for next month

Samsung hit a home run with its new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices with people having a hard time getting their hands on the Edge due to the popularity and tight supply. Both of the smartphones are available globally now and a Canadian carrier called Rogers has posted an upgrade schedule that shows an Android update is heading to both devices early next month.

Bricwave Xpress combines a fast charger with a flash drive

Many people don’t go anywhere without a flash drive of some sort on them so they can save and share data when needed. It would be nice to have a fast charger for your mobile phone on you at all times too, but few of us want to have one more thing we have to carry. The Bricwave Xpress combines a flash drive and a fast mobile phone charger into one device making it easy to have both on you at all times.

Vodafone unveils three new Smart series devices

Vodafone has announced that it has three new devices under its own brand for shoppers on a budget to check out. All three of the new smartphones fall under the Smart brand. The first of the devices is called the Smart first 6 and it aims directly at first time smartphone buyers. It has a 1GHz processor and has 4GB of internal storage.
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