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Angry Birds Go multiplayer update now available

If you have played the Angry Birds Go racing game in the past and longed for the ability to play against other people, you need the latest update for the game. The new multiplayer update is out and ready to download. With the update applied, you will be able to race directly against friends and rival crews with 3 vs. 3 multiplayer races.

Kingston rolls out new higher capacity memory cards

No matter what brand of Android device you are using, one thing they have in common is memory card slots for expansion. Kingston is a big name in memory cards and the company has announced a new generation of memory cards that bring higher storage capacities to the table. Two memory card lines have been upgraded with more capacity including Class 10 UHS-I microSD cards and Class 10 UHS-I SDHC/SDXC cards.

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual gets the Midas touch

Sony unveiled the Xperia T2 Ultra Android smartphone early this year. The first time we talked about the device was back in January of this year. When it originally launched you could get it in purple, black, or white colors. Sony has now announced another color option just in time to lure in new buyers looking to give a smartphone for Christmas.

Asus launches two new wallpapers for Android users

Asus has launched a pair of new wallpapers for Android users called Asus MyOcean and Asus DayScene. The MyOcean wallpaper is a live wallpaper with the level of the water in the ocean tied to the battery level of the device. That means a glance at the water level will tell you how much power you have left.

TwoDots game lands on Google Play

Android gamers have a new game on Google Play to check out right now called TwoDots. TwoDots is a sequel to Dots, which was a very highly rated and popular game. TwoDots is free to play for life, which is great for gamers who don’t like spending money on games.

Gauntlet comes to OnLive for Mad Catz Mojo

Back in the 80s, one of the coolest video games in the arcade was Gauntlet. The cool thing about it was that it would allow up to four people to play the game at once, each with their own characters. That classic arcade game has now landed for OnLive in a form similar to the version that landed on Steam for the PC.

Sharp’s new 4.1-inch IGZO display has 736ppi

Sharp is one of the bigger makers of displays for smartphones and other devices on the market today. The company has announced that it has adopted IGZO technology and that adoption has resulted in a new display that is 4.1-inches in size and has a very high pixel density of 736ppi.

inCharge is a tiny key ring charge cable

One of the most annoying things for people that travel with gadgets is keeping up with all the charge cables. Cables for smartphones tablets, computers, and other gadgets can turn into a tangled mess in short order. If you are out and about all day and traveling light, sometimes there is nowhere to keep a standard charge cable.

Global Assault squad-based RPG blasts onto Android

RPG gamers looking for a new game for their Android devices might want to check out Global Assault. The game has 3D graphics and lets you play against other players from around the world. In the game, the Heroes of Havoc fight against the Shattered Sun forces in turn based combat.
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