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GolfSense supports Android and will help you improve your golf game

I don't have a golfing bone in my body, I can't even play putt putt golf. If you are an avid golfer and Android user, a device called GolfSense is available to support your Android smartphone or other device to help you improve your golf game. The device is a sensor that you wear on your glove that sends data about your golf swing to your smartphone.

Google TV Remote app gets its first update in years

Most application developers are constantly tweaking their app and offering new features via updates. Google does this with some of its applications, but it hasn't offered anything in the way of updates for its Google TV Remote application. This app has been available for about three years now without an update.

iHeartRadio app for Android users gets updated

If you're a fan of listening to streaming radio stations, you may be familiar with the iHeartRadio application. This application allows you to listen to broadcast radio stations in your local area and from all around the country using your Android smartphone. Earlier this week the application was updated to a new version bringing some cool new features.

Samsung announces record estimated Q1 financials

Business for Samsung is booming on the back of incredibly popular devices such as the GALAXY S 3. The end of Samsung's Q1 2013 has come and the company is offering up estimated financial information for the quarter. The good news for Samsung investors is that the company has done an amazing job and is expecting record profits.

Box for Android users updated to version 2.1.5

If you're a user of the Box application on your Android smartphone, a new update is available on Google Play. Box is an application designed to make it easy for users to share, access, and edit files and stay connected with a team of other users. The application is particularly effective for sharing files with coworkers, keeping presentations at your fingertips, and commenting on documents that other users upload.

New beta version of Deezer available for Android users

Android smartphone users that are fans of streaming music may be familiar with Deezer. The company has announced that it has a new exclusive beta version of the Deezer app that is available exclusively for Android users. The beta version of the application brings several notable features to the application.

Qi Wireless charging case for Xperia Z debuts from Ipan Ipan

When it comes to charging your smartphone, most of us prefer wireless charging rather than having to fiddle with wires. Popular smartphones on the market today don't typically come from the factory with support for wireless charging baked in. That means that to shed those wires when it comes time to charge up your smartphone, you need some sort of accessory.

Stray Boots Hits Android

Stray Boots is a strange app that started out as a basic SMS application. The point of the application was to offer users a city tour experience with the gaming aspect to it. The way the app worked was that players could answer questions about various establishments near their location like some sort of trivia game.

Best Buy stores around the country to get Samsung Experience shops

All around the United States Best Buy has about 1400 store locations. Samsung has teamed up with Best Buy to bring its very own branded stores to the inside of all 1400 Best Buy locations around the country. It's unclear exactly when Samsung-branded stores will debut inside a Best Buy locations, but this supposed to happen sometime this month.

CX-803 II Android-powered TV stick runs Jelly Bean

It seems like every time you look around there are a handful of new Android-powered TV sticks debuting. The latest new TV stick packing the Jelly Bean operating system is called the CX-803 II. This TV stick launched this week and features 2 GB of RAM setting apart somewhat from most devices on the market.