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Google Play Music now available in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries

If you're an Android user who lives in Australia, New Zealand, and several other companies new content is now available to you. Google announced this week that an update to the Google Play store brings with it the availability of music in several countries that didn't have it before. Music is been available in the US and several other countries for a long time.

Fist Face Fight launches on Android April 18

Everyone knows that ninjas can jump out, crush your heart, and then disappear before you know what's happened. A new game is headed to the Android operating system soon called Fist Face Fight that helps you fight this ninja heart destroying phenomenon. The game has players using a virtual fist to punch ninjas as they try to destroy your heart.

Twitter pushes Android app update to squash a bug

Earlier this month we talked about the new Twitter 4.0 application for Android users. That update brought with it a refreshed twitter user interface and some new features along with a native Android experience. One of the important features in the app update that proved problematic was the Me tab.

WhatsApp denies Google acquisition rumors

Yesterday we talked about a new rumor that was making the rounds suggesting that Google was in talks to purchase the WhatsApp Messenger service. The scuttlebutt suggested that WhatsApp might be a bit of technology Google wass eying for its long rumored unified, cross-platform messenger service dubbed Bable.

Google Play 4.0 and Babel screenshots leak

Over the last month or so, we have seen several leaks turn up showing what the new Google Play 4.0 store will look like. Along with the leak about the Google Play 4.0 store has also been leaks of a new chat service called Babel. Babel is the name believed to be tied to Google's new unified chat service.

Facebook Home leaks ahead of official launch [UPDATE: Stopped!]

We already know pretty much everything there is to know about Facebook Home. We know what features it will bring and we know that it will launch on April 12. If you're interested in trying out Facebook Home, and you don't want to wait until the 12th to do it three APKs have leaked that will allow you to install Facebook Home at your own risk.

GameStick Android gaming system shipments delayed

We've talked about the GameStick Android gaming system on a few occasions. This device is an Android-powered stick that plugs directly into your TV allowing you to play Android video games on your big-screen. The little plug-in stick is paired with a full-size video game controller.