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HTC Flyer Review on SlashGear

Our buddy Chris Davies has done a review of the HTC Flyer, that cute little 7-inch HTC handheld tablet, over on our sister site SlashGear. What you're about to view is a bit of a re-write review based on what he's told us about the device thus far. This is the first tablet we've seen from HTC since 2008, the last being a Windows device by the name of HTC Shift. So how is the Flyer? We got a tiny glimpse of this piece of candy back at Mobile World Congress 2011 and a much longer look at its USA cousin via Sprint at CTIA 2011 - that one was black, this one's white, that one has the stylus sold separately while the Flyer has one that comes with. Will this Euro HTC superstar add up?

Verizon Rolls Out 4G LTE in New Cities This Week

Verizon's 4G LTE coverage, the fastest 4G in the west, is coming to several new cities this week. Verizon made the announcement as a series of Twitter messages. The cities include Pensacola, FL; Mobile, AL; Denver, CO; Montgomery, AL; Gainesville, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Philadelphia, PA and more. The coverage officially begins on Thursday, May 19th.

A Game With Balls on Android SOON!

Puppy Punch Productions, a new studio created by Trendy Entertainment, is coming out with their first game, now entering closed beta testing. The studio is focusing on closed beta testing for iOS right now, but testing for Android is coming soon. From the description of the game, it sounds pretty interesting, and considering that it is coming from the makers of Dungeon Defenders, it should be quality. Puppy Punch Productions will be focusing on mobile gaming development for multiple platforms, which includes Android, of course. So what is this new game?

Samsung Galaxy Tab for $199 at AT&T – Refurbished

AT&T's crazy deal of the weekend is the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab for $199.99, and free shipping. So if you are looking for a cheap Android tablet that is easy to root and sweeten up with some Gingerbread, this might be the deal for you. You have to get a data plan, too, but you can cancel it later if you want to. These are selling for $349.99 new, so 200 bucks is a pretty nice deal.

OGT Mobile Teases Eros Tablet [Video]

There will be tablets aplenty coming out this summer, in fact, we may even decide to call it "the summer of the tablet". And we had heard that OGT Mobile had a tablet coming out called the Eros Tablet, and that it is called "the world's thinnest tablet". But we don't know much more than that. Today, OGT has come out with a teaser video to get us all excited.

Google News Regional App on Android Market

A new app has popped up on Android Market, Google News Regional. This app is somewhat limited, as you are still using the browser to see the news, but it can auto detect your location, and lets you easily jump between categories. You can also change the location manually if you'd like to see news from other regions. So is it any good?

We Have Them! 4G LTE Modems from Google I/O

Yesterday at Google I/O, everyone was handed a blue card which was good for a free Verizon Mobile Hotspot and a SIM card, and gave three months of complimentary service from Verizon. At the time, conference goers were told that they could pick up the gear Wednesday afternoon. This morning at the keynote, Vic Gundotra let us all know that the blue card went with a 4G LTE mobile hotspot. So, here we are on Wednesday afternoon, and guess what?

All 5,000 Google I/O Attendees Receive Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for free

Whoa, if the audience at Google I/O was excited by all the huge announcements, it was nothing compared to the craziness that followed this. Everyone attending the conference got a device of some great significance. This is the big deal, the huge one that makes for the future of the platform, the device given out is the one that takes the cake for the rest of the year - so what is it? A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a fully functional one, for every single one of the 5,000 attendees of the conference. This tab will be running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Update: We've got the tab, and have already had Vic Gundotra do an unboxing for us!
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