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GroupMe v5.0 arrives with a long list of changes and improvements

It has been some time since the v4.0 GroupMe update, but there is a bit of good news for current users -- GroupMe v5.0 is now available in the Play Store. There is a long list of changes and improvements this time around, but perhaps the key here is the promise about how this "new version is faster" and about how it has arrived with "significantly improved battery efficiency and notification reliability."

LifeLock Wallet app pulled from Play Store following security concerns

The LifeLock Wallet app has recently been pulled from the Play Store. It seems the app was pulled due to concerns dealing with data security. Coming by way of the LifeLock Unlocked company blog; CEO Todd Davis mentioned how they want to make sure users are "aware of an issue that we [they] identified related to our recently acquired LifeLock Wallet application."

OnePlus One forum member invites promised “soon”

We've seen a fair bit regarding the OnePlus invite system and it looks like they are going to begin going out fairly soon. OnePlus has yet to offer any sort of specific date, however a recent post on the OnePlus One forums mentions how the invites will begin arriving "soon." More to the point for this update though -- OnePlus did offer a bit about who will be getting in on the first batch of invitations.