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China claims will not hinder Android platform..

The Chinese government claimed today that they will not obstruct Google’s Android mobile operating system and will not impose  limits on its usage by Chinese phone companies as long as it complies with Chinese regulatory laws.  This is a response to a question posed whether the Android platform would be affected by the dispute between China and Google.

Analysts forecast Android will take No.2 OS spot by 2013

Today the Symbian OS used mainly on Nokia phones dominated the smartphone operating system global market, Blackberry maker RIM holds the second spot, with Apple coming in third.  However, an IDC report published today announces that the Android OS is expected to storm its way to the near top of the smartphone market, while growing at a faster rate than all its competition.

Motorola releasing 20-30 Android phones in 2010

CNET Asia had a chance to talk with Motorola’s Asia Pacific VP of Mobile Devices Spiro Nikolapoulos and has found out  more about the company’s plans.  Nikolapoulos stated that Moto is expecting to put out between 20 to 30 Android phones in 2010 on the global market.

Android popularity increases 200 percent over last 3 months

Android usage has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several months.  According to statistics from a ChangeWave research report, usage and overall consumer outlook towards Google’s mobile operating system has skyrocketed over the last three months.  As of December 2009, the research firm's survey shows that 4% of all users now have smartphones running some version of Google’s Android OS. That's a whopping increase of 200% since the previous survey released in September.

What’s after Eclair? Froyo is next Android flavor

Cupcake, Donut, Eclair.  And now we have Froyo.  Not to disappoint our sweet-toothed readers, but according to the Engadget show, “Froyo”, (also known as frozen yogurt to the masses), is the codename for Google’s next version of the Android mobile OS.  Alphabetically speaking, many were thinking Flan.  Apparently there aren't many flan geeks in Mountain View.
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