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Google delays Fiber in Austin, cites issue getting permits

Google Fiber is highly anticipated, and those lucky enough to be getting gigabit Internet service rejoice when they hear the news. For folks in Austin, Texas, the joy has quickly turned to frustration, as Google has announced Fiber is being delayed in that city. While Google initially planned to have Fiber up and running by mid-2014, it seems the opaque “later this year” is their new answer for when Austin will get Fiber.

Comcast may be teaming up with Verizon for VoIP service

A new report suggests Comcast may be involving themselves in the mobile carrier game. The cable company, lamented by many for their ongoing attempt to purchase Time Warner Cable, may be working on VoIP service on the back of their wireless offerings for the home. While the service is said to be dependent on WiFi, Comcast may have other plans for the service as well.

Five things HTC’s Sense 6.0 does better than Android

Stock Android is great. I’m a big fan, and am typically pretty critical of OEM overlays, eschewing them for Nexus at just about every turn. With the HTC One (M8), you’ll get Sense 6.0, which is HTC’s latest take on Android. One of the first Android skins, Sense has come a long way from the clunky blanket it once was. Mature and sensible, there are some things we think Sense does just a bit better than Android proper.

Yelp update adds scheduling feature, not available to all yet

Yelp has rolled out a nifty update to their platform, and will now allow users to schedule appointments from corresponding Yelp profile pages. The service is being rolled out to Spas and Salons first, but gives us the opportunity to schedule from within Yelp without making a call or migrating to another site. This is the latest step in Yelp’s Platform Partnership Program, and if successful, has a lot of implications and use.

Why hitting a Galaxy S5 with a hammer is the worst idea ever

What happens when you hit a smartphone with a hammer? That’s (hopefully) a rhetorical question, but some just haven’t got the message yet (hint: it breaks). When you hit a Galaxy S5 with a hammer, it bites back. In a comical but unforeseen ending, the video below shows why you should follow the lesson you learned in grade school.

LG G Watch pricing confirmed, won’t break the bank

LG is setting the pricing pace for the upcoming crop of smart wearables. The South Korean company has confirmed their G Watch, based on the Android Wear platform, will be £180 or less. This price point, should they translate it to other geographies and currencies, will put it at just under $250 stateside.
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