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Galaxy S III confirmed for five major US networks starting in June

Samsung just sent out the news that you've been waiting for: the Galaxy S III will be available on all four of the US' big cellular networks, plus regional network US Cellular. The rollouts will begin in June (probably with T-Mobile) and prices on contract will begin at $199. Precise dates, prices and other details weren't mentioned in Samsung's press release - the individual networks will make their own announcements "in the coming weeks".

Wallee M Kickstarter campaign succeeds, works with Galaxy Nexus LTE too

When we reported on the Wallee M modular case/mount system this week, I made an impassioned plea for more support, as the creators were running out of time to reach their Kickstarter goal. I'm glad to say that after a last-minute push, they've raise the $35,000 necessary and will begin shipping out Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S magnetized cases and mounts in July. Hooray for quality Android accessories!

Android Community Weekly: June 3rd, 2012

As the summer starts in earnest, we've got some exciting news for Android fans everywhere. Most notably that Oracle's lawsuit against Google over various Java copyrights and patents has effectively ended, and in Google's favor to boot. While Oracle could appeal the decisions on its APIs and software patents, odds are unlikely that they will. We've also seen the very first reputable evidence of Google and ASUS' Nexus Tablet collaboration, the Nexus 7, and the ASUS MeMO 370T (rumored to be the base device) made it through the FCC.

Verizon Galaxy S III stops by the FCC

If there's any doubt left that Samsung's new flagship will make it to every member of the Big Four American wireless carriers, let it end here. In addition to entries for the AT&T and T-Mobile models, Verizon's Galaxy S III has made it to the well-trodden halls of the FCC, complete with the predictable CDMA and LTE bands. PocketNow spotted the highly anticipated device in the FCC's standard filings.

Samsung Galaxy S III gets the teardown treatment

Rumor, leak, speculation, pre-announcement, announcement, release, root, recovery, custom ROM, waiting for new software releases, replacement. Such is the life cycle for a modern Android phone (though not necessarily in that order). For major phones, a teardown from the dedicated folks at iFixIt has also become pretty commonplace, and the latest to get the treatment is the Galaxy S III.

MOGA combines universal Bluetooth game pad and dev tools

I'll just come out and say it: touchscreen controls suck for action-packed, complex games like, say, N.O.V.A. 3. That's what makes the Xperia PLAY popular despite mid-range hardware, and why so much energy is expended on getting existing controllers to work with Android. MOGA isn't the first controller we've seen specifically for Android, but it does appear to be one of the best thought-out around, and it already works with games from Gameloft, Sega and others.

Galaxy Nexus 3-pin car dock works with Verizon model – sort of

Plenty of you disappointed when Samsung's Galaxy Nexus car dock for the Verizon LTE version of the phone turned out to be less of a dock and more of a snugly-fitting piece of plastic. So far Verizon customers haven't been able to take advantage of the three electrical contacts on the left side of the phone at all. Though Google states (emphatically and repeatedly) that the docks on the Google Play Store are for the GSM model only, at least one LTE Gnex owner on XDA got it to work.

Possible T-Mobile Galaxy S III photos show physical home button

Stop the presses! Photos of T-Mobile's Galaxy S III have leaked! And... they look just like the international version. How exciting. Believe it or not, there's some pretty relevant information to be gathered here: Samsung appears to be sticking with the physical centered home button flanked by two capacitive buttons, unlike previous US Galaxy phones that used the standard four-button Android arrangement. We can't confirm that these photos are real, but the cases at least seem to be taken from photos that are distinct from the official international press stills.
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