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Teaser trailers from Star Wars: Uprising, Rayman Adventures

We feature two upcoming games today, both coming out with teaser trailers for all of us. First up is the new RPG from Kabam called “Star Wars: Uprising”, adding to the hype leading towards the new Star Wars movie coming out soon. The second game is from Ubisoft called “Rayman Adventures”, an addition to its Rayman franchise of games.

Up close and personal with the new Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung is bent on keeping its “premium feel” line – also known as the Galaxy A Series – alive with this latest device, the Samsung Galaxy A8, which apart from the metallic design that is the signature of this series, aims to be one of, if not THE slimmest Samsung smartphone to date. We are treated here to some hands-on images that show us this gorgeous device that will sit squarely in the upper mid-range market, in pricing if not totally in specs.

Action Launcher 3.5 is out, Quickbar feature introduced

Action Launcher remains one of our favorite – if not THE favorite – Android launchers simply because its developer Chris Lacy keeps adding one great feature upon another. Lacy also listens quite a bit to feedback from his users, and so bugs and whatnot are easily and promptly dealt with on every update, which is very much a regular happening, unlike other apps which starve of development. The latest update to Action Launcher is out, which brings us to version 3.5, with a new headline feature called the Quickbar.

OnePlus 2 to pack 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, July 27 unveiling

OnePlus has just given us one last peek into the internal specs of the upcoming OnePlus 2, announcing that its newest flagship will be packing 4GB (yes!) of the latest and greatest LPDDR4 RAM. That puts them at par with all the new devices coming out of China that leverages on 4GB RAM, and we have yet to see a major flagship (other than the ASUS ZenFone 2) take this step.

‘Play!’ is a PlayStation 2 emulator project for Android

Don’t tell us that this hasn’t crossed you mind, sitting there with a robust smartphone like the OnePlus One, the Sony Xperia Z3 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could play Final Fantasy X on my Android device?” For most hardcore gamers, this will have happened, at some point in time or another. There isn’t a stable emulator for the PlayStation 2 on Android YET, but it’s not stopping Jean-Philip Desjardins, a hobbyist programmer, from trying.

ASUS Pegasus 2 Plus, mid-range phone with 3GB RAM

ASUS now tries to expand its reach into the mid-tier market with a new phone launched at a Chinese tech exhibition which happened the past weekend dubbed the ASUS Pegasus 2 Plus, the successor to the ASUS Pegasus that was launched December 2014. The Pegasus 2 Plus follows in the path made by ASUS’s ZenFone products, but this time using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets.

OnePlus 2 pricing somewhat confirmed, fans should be happy

With OnePlus slowly unveiling the distinct features of their upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 2, some people are worried about the pricing of the phone. This new phone’s predecessor, the popular OnePlus One, gained worldwide attention because of its flagship level specs and affordable price point. Some fans are worried that the new features will push up the pricing to where it won’t be affordable any more. Well, fear not you fans, OnePlus has spoken, and it should be good news for you… sort of.

Sony Mobile CEO Totoki reiterates commitment to smartphone business

Some people have said that 2015 seems to be a low year for Sony Mobile, especially with the generic reviews the Sony Xperia Z4 has received – and this coming from a year of loss in 2014, despite the success of the Sony Xperia Z3. There were rumors that Sony was contemplating selling its mobile business, but Sony Mobile CEO Hitori Totoki has promised that Sony will “never ever” sell or move away from the smartphone arena.

‘This War Of Mine’ available now for Android pre-order, get free PC copy [UPDATED]

Most war games on Android will feature you either as a commander of an army who moves troops and vehicles around the battlefield, or a soldier right there in the thick of the battle. But the indie produced game “This War of Mine” hits you right in the grim reality feels – that in war there are civilians who are affected. This is the premise of the game produced by 11 Bit Studios initially for PC but is now available for pre-order on Android.