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Omate smart ring tells you when THAT person is calling

If you’ve been around mobile technology then you will know that the Omate smart ring isn’t the first of its kind around. There have been “smart rings” for just about any purpose you can think a ring will do, be it gestures for changing TV channels, measuring health data, or give your ring finger some vibrations to remind you that your phone has notifications. In this, the Omate smart ring differs uniquely because it only vibrates for that one person calling your phone.

Qualcomm outs Snapdragon 412, 212 for budget and midrange devices

Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm had to update their entry level and lower midrange chipsets last year because of the growth of 4G data connectivity. That meant even entry level and midrange devices were expected to have LTE connectivity. That demand resulted in the production of the Snapdragon 410 and 210 SoC’s (system-on-a-chip). Today we see those chipsets being updated with better features in the Snapdragon 412 and 212.

OnePlus 2 shipments to North America will be delayed

After the initial rush, seems that OnePlus now has to deal with the reality of getting their fabled new smartphone – the OnePlus 2 – to market and deal with the demand they themselves created and basked in the glory of. A few days back they were thanking consumers and feeling pretty happy with over 2 million orders in a span of just a week. Today, they’re announcing that shipments to North America will be delayed.

Google outs Vulkan API for better 3D graphics handling in Android

As more and more “high graphics” games flood the Google Play Store, developers are trying to balance out the look of their games – especially the ones that require 3D graphics rendering – with the hardware that’s available out there. To that point, any decent midrange phone from last year moving forward should be able to run these games, but Google has discovered that Android’s API for rendering 3D graphics content isn’t really up to speed.

New internal renders of Blackberry ‘Venice’ leaked

What we have are some internal image renders of the new Blackberry slider phone currently codenamed “Venice”, and it’s heartening to know that Blackberry seems to be serious about its cross-platform dreams – it does look like the Venice will be running some sort of Android OS, if these images are to be believed.

Cyanogen claims to have ‘more users than Windows Mobile and Blackberry combined’

If you ask anyone on the street about the top two mobile operating systems in the world, anybody who has an idea about smartphones will probably tell you correctly, Android and iOS. Ask them who’s on third spot, and the answer might not come as easy. Fact is, that spot is somehow one of the most coveted positions in the tech industry these days, and Cyanogen is claiming that they got it.