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NEW in Lollipop: Better SD card access, native screen recording

Here are two new things in Android 5.0 that is just plain better than anything in version 4.4 and below. First, Lollipop brings a new and better way for apps to get write and edit access to removable storage. That’s an earful, but we’ll explain. Secondly, apps can now get permission to record whatever is happening on your device’s screen – even without root access. We’re pretty excited.

HERE navigation app updated for Android Lollipop

There will be an avalanche of apps hurrying to update their codes to play nice with Android 5.0, one of those is Nokia’s HERE maps and turn-by-turn navigation app. The app was once locked down to the Windows Phone OS, but Nokia chose to release it in beta for Android recently. Now it’s getting updated for Lollipop.

LEAKED: Android Lollipop for LG G3, plus screenshots and video

It seems like the Android world cannot get Lollipop soon enough – that is Android 5.0, if you’ve been living under a rock these past few months – and more and more devices are being lined up to get the update to the latest and greatest version of the OS. From the looks of it, someone has already leaked the Lollipop update for a variant of the LG G3 (the F400S) and now we get screenshots and videos.

Asus Zenwatch adds to Android Wear catalog for the holidays

Google’s Android Wear family is slowly growing, with more gadgets coming as the holidays roll in. The most recent of these is the ASUS Zenwatch, with the wearable device coming initially to Best Buy this November 9. The smartwatch was teased at Google I/O in June, and it will add to the now growing list of Android wearables.

Vsenn is a Project Ara competitor in modular phones

Modular phones (remember that viral Phonebloks video?) seems to be the holy grail of open source technology today. Just imagine, a smartphone whose parts you can upgrade – and not thinking of a whole other phone to purchase when you grow discontent with what you currently own. It’s a change in the paradigm of the smartphone industry. This is why Google’s Project Ara is a big deal. But it seems they’re not the only ones racing towards a modular smartphone product.

Verizon outs new Ellipsis 8 tablet to add to consumer options

As Verizon would say it, “more tablets mean more options” for their US consumers. And so they drop a new tablet called the Verizon Ellipsis 8, which provides Verizon customers with a sort of in-between-er – should they wish to forego the Apple iPads or the Samsung Galaxy Tabs. And with very capable specs, the Ellipsis 8 provides a viable option for consumers looking to save a few bucks.

OUYA releases system update, encourages more user-made content

You remember OUYA, right? That micro gaming console which runs a tweaked version of Android Jelly Bean – well, they just released a system update today, officially called “Chickcharney”. The core of the update concentrates on encouraging users to develop content that they can throw back to the OUYA community – plus some bug fixes and polishes on the side, of course.

World of Tanks Blitz now on Android, ok for cross-platform gaming

What’s better than a shoot-em-up MMO (massively multiplayer online) game? We know what – a shoot-em-up MMO where you use tanks instead of guns to blow up your online opponents. More firepower, more explosions, more satisfaction, right? Or that’s what Wargaming SEA – developer of World of Tanks Blitz – would like us to believe.

Contract Killer game app lets out the sniper in you

The mobile platform has unintentionally become home to sniper game apps – you wouldn’t believe how many there are in the Google Play Store. Sadly, only a few of them really do stand out. We hope this new game from Glu – makers of the classic Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile app – really makes the grade. Contract Killer: Sniper is now available for your sniping pleasure.
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