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Flashout 2S continues anti-gravity racing game series

If you loved Flashout 3D – which I bet many of you did – then the makers of the same game are hoping you’re going to like the sequel as well. This new racing game is called Flashout 2S, and it just made its way to the Google Play Store hoping to get on to Android gamers’ mobile devices. The Flashout gameplay has not changed so much. As a user, you get to hop on an uber-fast anti-gravity ship (which means that it floats, yo) with your arsenal of guns, explosives, rockets, and power boosts to help you win the race. Easy enough, right? Flashout 2S promises to be a more engaging experience than its predecessor, featuring a redesigned Career Mode that has engaging story elements. The game has also improved steering, physics, and has a more challenging AI for your opponents. They’ve also added an Online Multiplayer Mode so you can play not just with the AI, but with other racers out there. [youtube FTN4v12jBsI] The graphics of the game are hugely improved, with tweaks on the controls to make it easier for you to race. And in a rather quirky mood, the game introduces a sound analyzer, which analyzes the songs playing while you’re racing and adjusts the visual effects according to the beat. Quirky, but cool! Pick up the game via the download link below. DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store [timeline]

CivCrafter is an addictive ‘clicker’ empire-building game

This new “clicker” game genre – where clicking or in our case, tapping on the screen will give you options to build your city or town – is very much a growing trend, and our featured game here – CivCrafter – is one of the more well-developed clicker games. It’s all about building your empire, pretty simple when you have your city at the tip of your fingers. But this one is a very addictive proposition.

Pixel OFF app saves power on LED screens

LED and AMOLED screens are admired by screen junkies all over the word because they produce the deepest blacks in a mobile device display. This is because LED screens, including Samsung’s more preferred AMOLED screens, just basically turn off when they're assigned to draw the "black" color. That’s what the new app “Pixel OFF” tries to do, because theoretically, LED pixels not emitting light draws no electrical power.

LG to allow test of 4,000 new G4 units before launch in customer campaign

We’re drooling with envy here, because LG has just announced that they will be selecting 4,000 lucky users to test out their new flagship smartphone, the LG G4, as part of a customer experience campaign. These consumers will come from 15 different countries and will “test drive” LG’s new baby for a month, with the Korean company hoping to generate hype and also get some feedback before it launches the new device possibly by end of the month.

Easy way to get ‘soft menu keys’ without root access

If your device is still stuck in “physical button” or “capacitive button” technologies, you might have thought what sort of miracle would give you software-based on-screen menu buttons. Well, that miracle is here now, in concept. This is the “Simple Control” app for your Android device, which gives you on-screen “soft keys” for menu control, no root required.

Humble Mobile Bundle 11 rolls in with six games, more following [UPDATED]

If you don’t know what the Humble Bundle is all about, we ask you to come out of that rock you’ve been hiding in for this long. The Humble Bundle is not just about giving gamers video games on the cheap, it’s about getting the gamers to give money to great causes and charities – something you wouldn’t have thought possible. Now they’re back with the Humble Mobile Bundle 11 – giving you (initially) 6 games in the bundle, depending on how much you give.
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