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Dungeon Hunter 5 update rolls out with controller support

For Dungeon Hunter 5 fans out there, you probably are aware that a big-ish update rolled out for your favorite game recently. The update has a number of treats for Dungeon Hunter 5 players, but none bigger than the addition of controller support. Now you can pretend to be a real hardcore gamer as you bust out your controller when gaming time comes. Of course, you won’t need to pretend if you really are a hardcore gamer (oh yeah).

New ZTE large screen device shows up at GFXBench, possible Axon tablet

We like GFXBench leaks, because it gives us a lot of details about a device, barely leaving anything out except for a coded name. Of course, GFXBench leaks do not always translate into real world devices. They can also be just that – prototype benchmarks. But what’s your bet on a large screen tablet coming out from ZTE? Good odds there, probably. Let’s look at the specs from this benchmark.

Mobcrush pushes live game streaming to Android

The mobile gaming market is a very lucrative one, and as such, companies are always on the lookout for the next big innovation for mobile gamers. For Mobcrush, it’s putting its bets on mobile game streaming, or streaming your games from the cloud. This is already possible via the PC platform, and Amazon’s Twitch division is making a killing with 100 million monthly active users of their service.

Motorola clarifies bootloader unlocking policy for Moto X Pure 2015

There has been a bit of confusion on whether unlocking the bootloader on the new Moto X Pure will void the phone’s warranty. The official communication on the bootloader unlocking site of Motorola says that unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty unless the phone is considered a "Developer edition” phone. At least, someone from Motorola’s customer service team has clarified the issue.

Chevrolet says Android Auto will reach cars by March 2016

If you’re buying a new Chevrolet car this quarter with the hopes of getting Android Auto on your center dashboard, then you might be disappointed – but only for around 6 months. Chevrolet has made the announcement that, yes, most Chevrolet models will get the Android Auto update, but it might take another half a year to do so.

LG G4 gets reviewed by DxOMark, camera is top tier quality

DxOMark is a boon to the smartphone industry, as it provides great hardware ratings for photo imaging and video for mobile devices. Their tests work the heck out of the devices’ camera sensors rate it according to standards based on common attributes – including contrast quality, color capture, autofocus capabilities, texture, noise and artifacts in the images, among others. The LG G4 is the latest one to get reviewed, and LG has to be proud about the results.

Square Enix cancels Agito, announces Final Fantasy Type-0 Online

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy universe can get really confusing sometimes, especially if you haven’t followed the franchise all through out. And then there are those random game cancellations – well, not really random but to gamers, they might seem random. Square Enix has recently announced that it is cancelling Final Fantasy Agito, but promised something in its stead. That would be Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, just announced by the Japanese outfit, and will probably get a Western release as well.
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