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KinoConsole streams games from your PC to your Android device

Streaming games from your PC or console to your Android device used to be the realm of the Sony Xperia Z3 (from your PlayStation 4), or an NVIDIA-powered PC to a robust Android device. Fortunatey, developers are taking advantage of faster network connections at home to give you apps like KinoConsole – which now allows you to stream your PC games to your Adnroid device, after a fashion.

Samsung tweaks: Root and TWRP on Galaxy S5, add missing toggles and super 4k recording

We have a few tweaks and tricks for Samsung devices featured today, all care of our friends over at the XDA developers’ forum. As quintessential fans of the Android platform, we usually promote ways for people to bring the performance of their Android devices to a higher level. That said, these tweaks usually require root access, and will void any kind of warranty. If you want to swap that for better performance, read on.

MIUI 7 now available for non-Xiaomi phones

Truth be told, I’ve never warmed to MIUI – which if you don’t recognize the name, it is the skinned user interface that Xiaomi uses as its version of Android for its phones. MIUI has a very iOS feel to it – it’s very streamlined and minimalist, but not lacking in eye candy. It is very easy on the eyes, but I really haven’t developed a liking to it. But a lot of other people have, and they like it, for one reason or another. That is why, this news that MIUI 7 can be installed on non-Xiaomi phones should be good news for some.

GoPro app updated, now has smart trimming capabilities

The GoPro app, used with the ubiquitous GoPro brand of action mobile cameras, has a new trick up its sleeve via a new update. The update of the app comes with a new trimming feature which you can use with videos coming from all WiFi enabled GoPro cameras. Let’s look at what this new feature can do.

Scribbled Arena is multiplayer tank PvP, with good old drawn maps

How many ways can you execute a tank head-to-head combat game? Not a whole lot, we would think. There are a lot of multiplayer tank battle games in the Google Play Store, so the key to winning the “battle” – as it were – to get noticed is in the details. Scribbled Arena, as the name of the game suggests, does this through nostalgia.

IK Multimedia wants you to play the piano on your Android device

If you’re a digital musician, you have probably heard of IK Multimedia’s solutions for guitarists and their Android (or iOS) devices. They made the iRig, which interfaces your guitar with your smartphone or tablet device – either for recording, effects processing, or even performances. Now they’re coming up with solutions for piano and keyboard players as well, with the iGrand Piano and the iLectric Piano apps for your Android devices.

Rockchip develops Light Work OS, mimics Windows OS

Manufacturers of tablet devices are trying to beat the drop and looking for features that can give them an edge in a cutthroat tablet market. One of Rockchip’s solutions could be an effective, if not necessarily an original one – that is, offer an Android version that mimics Windows OS so that it can become more “work friendly”. The result is what the Taiwan-based chipmakers call “Light Work OS”, and it is set to be featured in a tablet device soon.
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