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Doom & Destiny is an RPG parody game that’s pretty fun

It’s good that some developers take time to inject some self-awareness into the mobile games industry. Amid the skyrocketing budgets, movie tie-ins, and vicious graphics, there are some people who have not lost their sense of humor and just want to make fun of the games themselves. That is what Doom & Destiny is – and RPG that parodies, err… well, RPGs.

Space Marshals is a Western sci-fi tactical shooter, load up

Pixelbite Studios is based in Helsingborg, Sweden and is mostly known for futuristic racing games. They go in totally a different direction with this, their new project called “Space Marshals”. By design, it looks like a Western, but the storyline involves heavy sci-fi elements, and the gameplay is tactical shooting a la Metal Gear Solid. What do you get? A pretty enjoyable ride.

OPPO R7 Weibo leak shows edge-to-edge goodness

When you think of what a big deal the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge is in terms of display technology, you begin to wonder what limits there are to what sort of screens we will be getting in the near future for mobile devices. The first answer to that question seems to be with the still unreleased OPPO R7. Leaks of the new flagship phone have been touting a bezel-less screen, and new leaks from Weibo confirm that.

Chainfire ups beta of Flashfire, makes flashing that much easier

Everybody who tweaks their Android OS, or ones who use custom ROMs, know the risk, effort and hassle it takes to flash files to make your OS just so. Samsung and Nexus users will be familiar with ODIN, and maybe even Mobile ODIN, which you would use heavily in flashing these tweaks into your phone. Well, Chainfire is working on a simpler solution – an app called FlashFire, which will basically handle the flashing of these files in a simpler way.

Public might get a shot at Google’s Project Tango tablet

If you’ve been dreaming about what is probably one of the most robust tablet devices out there – namely, Google’s Project Tango – this will be very good news for you. Google might just be opening sales up to the public for this device soon, as intimated in an email update to developers who reserved their Project Tango tablets but failed to purchase.

Impression PI is the fashionable VR headset

It was bound to happen. With the boom on VR-slash-AR (virtual/augmented reality) headsets still going on, somebody was bound to think, “Well, let’s make one that looks good on you.” This is the Impression PI project, up on Kickstarter and has taken in more than twice its funding target already. The project has made sure it’s less bulky than other VR headsets out there, so it has that going for them. Let’s take a look.

EZ PZ RPG is a game that doesn’t need you that much

One of the big draws of casual mobile gaming is that you can play anytime you want, however short or long the time is. Casual games don’t require that much commitment from the player, that’s why they’re so convenient for mobile users. But when you go into the RPG genre, player and time commitment ramps up, and most people just don’t have the time. Enter EZ PZ RPG, the RPG game that basically plays itself.

TWRP custom recovery now out for the Samsung Galaxy S6

If you have to ask what a custom recovery is, then you might want to pass on this. A custom recovery is usually mandatory for people who want to use custom ROMs on their Android devices. It gives you a lot more options on which tweaks you can insert into your device. That said TWRP – or Team Win Recovery Project to be exact – has been gaining praises on their custom recovery projects – and a new one is out specifically for the new Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S6.

Final Fantasy XIII now game-streaming in Japan to mobile devices

Imagine being able to play a massive console RPG like Final Fantasy XII – complete with gorgeous graphics and gameplay – on your mobile. Well, you can keep imagining as gamers in Japan have to deal with this being a reality, but only for them. Square Enix has just made available a cloud-based service that allows people in Japan to play FFXIII on their mobile devices. For real, yo.

Google enters battery race, looks to improve current tech

Looks like everybody who’s everybody in the mobile device industry is looking at better, badder, more kick-butt batteries – that is, without the hyperbole, a battery that will last longer and will fit into smaller spaces than the current lithium-ion standard. Google is the latest name to get into the game of who will produce what is considered the “holy grail” right now in mobile devices – a longer lasting, thinner, and probably flexible battery.