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Samsung Galaxy S6 may be released early, targeting MWC launch

If you’re looking for a veritable gadget factory – an outfit that launches a steady stream of low end devices and flagship gadgets – Samsung is clearly one of those. There’s a bit of strategy and marketing in timing the launch of your gadget, especially if it’s one of your flagship devices – like the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6. We might be seeing that as early as March next year.

LG G3 Lollipop ROM appears, rooted for your convenience

We told you guys and gals to brace yourselves for the avalanche of Lollipop ROMs sure to come our way after Google officially released Android 5.0, and today we have a new one for you. This is stock a LG G3 ROM, for people who don’t want to mess with LG’s beautiful rendition of Android – but this one is in Lollipop. And rooted, just for you.

Google introduces family games within Chromecast

Looks like Google is trying to fill up the casual gaming niche with its products, recently launching its first official Android TV platform in the Nexus Player – which also doubles as a casual gaming console – and now introducing family-oriented games within Chromecast. Looks like the holidays are going to be a lot of fun for you Chromecast users. is an upcoming augmented reality shooting game

Augmented reality (AR) is getting a big kick in the gaming backside with new developer Proxy42 planning an AR first person shooting game called “”. The idea of AR is to blend real-life environments into virtual applications – in this case, virtual gaming situations. The idea is not at all new, but it hasn’t lost its novel appeal.

Ubisoft releases Assassin’s Creed Unity companion app

Assassin’s Creed Unity is the first game of the franchise that will be exclusive for current gen consoles – that means, only for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and mainly because of the powerful hardware. The game is scheduled to launch today but Ubisoft has already released a companion app. If you’re thinking of getting the game, you’ll want the app as well.

Motorola Defy lives up to its name, still alive for Lollipop

There are just devices that simply refuse to die, mainly because they have great hardware foundations that are able to run operating systems much higher than the ones they were released with. The Motorola Defy is one such phone (along with the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC HD2), which was initially released with Android 2.1 , now is getting support for an Android 5.0 port.