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Twidroyd Now Ad Free And Available In The Android Market

The nice folks at Twidroyd have now made their Twitter app ad free. They state their desire to change their business model to provide users with a rich Twitter experience and that this is primarily in response to user requests. This action combined with their recent addition of Twidroyd Factory and other new features, gives Twidroyd a shot at claiming to be the best Twitter app for Android. Twidroyd says it best with, "You Commented. We Listened, And Responded." [Via Twidroyd on Twitter]

Motorola Android Tablet In The Wilds, With Specs?

A few days ago we reported that Google's Andy Rubin gave a quick glimpse of an unspecified Motorola Android Tablet while on stage at a conference. Now it appears the tablet makes another appearance thanks to an unknown tipster, who apparently had one hour to play with the device. What we already knew about the tablet is that it would pack a NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 dual-core chip that would push the Android Honeycomb OS. The tipster states that there will be models with both 7" and 10" displays, as well as different models that will support UMTS, CDMA, and LTE. Additionally, the tablet will have:  32 GB memory, removable memory slot, 5 MP camera in the rear, and 2 MP front facing camera. The tipster reports all this while saying the price will be no more than that of Motorola's high end smartphones. Hopefully the tablet market is gaining a worthy contender and we can enjoy some Honey-Comb. [Via Engadget, Mobile01]

Windows Phone 7 Launcher On Android

The good people over at the xda-developers not only have developed WP7  themes for Android, but also a new launcher from XDA forum member seraph1024. Perfect for those that like the looks of WP7, but want their Android fix. It seems that it does not work with stock Samsung phones. However, I got the app to work on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S. Just go to the Android Market and search for "Windows Phone Android Lite". There is a paid version too, if you would like to tip your hat to the developer, but as of right now, the applications are exactly the same. Check out a list of features after the break.

Lite version include:

  • Pin to front page tiles
  • remove from front page
  • uninstall apps
  • dark and lite themes
  • 4 accent colors (Blue, Green, Red and Orange)
  • limited system messages
[Via XDA]

LG and VMWare To Produce Dual OS Android Phone

VMWare has put out a press release announcing a partnership with LG to produce dual-OS smartphones for the corporate world. VMWare is a specialist in virtualization, which allows for two operating systems to run together on a single platform. One of their most familiar products is VMWare Fusion that allows Windows to run on MAC. The press release goes on to say that the intent is to allow for a personal and corporate phone to run on the same platform, while maintaining control of company information. Android is the  likely candidate to run on top of the virtualization layer because of it's ease of development. Expect to see the release of the first dual-OS devices in 2011. The corporate world can rejoice that the days of carrying two mobile phones appear to be coming to an end and that they just may be able to make their own decisions about the mobile device they carry. They'll be able to have their cake and eat it too. [Via VMWare, NetworkWorld]

New “Mute A Twitter User” Feature On Twidroyd Excellent

Twitter, I owe you a collective apology before I begin this post. I'm sorry. I love the new "mute a Twitter user" feature on Twidroyd. Please, I want to follow each other, but just not during your Twitter-tantrums. Jokes aside, it's a great feature for those Twitter users who follow a considerable number of people. I had a chance to finally use it while building and installing themes with Twidroyd Factory last night. There are some people that I follow on Twitter that although they have a great message and I don't want to unfollow or block them, their message is just not always of interest for a myriad of reasons. This feature addresses this nicely. "Mute a Twitter user" is very intuitive and easy to use. You manage who is muted and duration from users profile pages. Just hit "Mute User" from the menu button and you are prompted with your options. There is even an option to notify the user that you are muting their Tweets, although that could prove, shall we say, interesting on the virtual playground. (Why do I feel like we are in store for "muted" or "unmuted" battles?) Twidroyd does warn that you are only hiding users Tweets on Twidroyd and that Tweets will still be visible on That simple to use! I am afraid to ask you to sound off below. Twitter, we can still be friends, right? [via Twidroyd]

Twidroyd Factory Equals Twitter Goodness for Android

Twidroyd has long been considered one of the leading Twitter apps for Android. They continue to push innovation of the Twitter experience on mobile platforms. Yesterday they announced via Twitter, Twidroyd Factory, a website users can utilize to develop their own themes for Twydroyd. While I can’t currently find any new features that cannot be adjusted from your mobile phone, in what Twydroyd calls a “preview version”, one of the key features is that users can now share themes. On the main site, you can browse themes that others have created and even better, they can be emailed and downloaded. This equals a total win for the end-user and Android. The hope is that Twidroyd continues to add features to expand the customization of the interface. I have to say, the functionality of  Twidroyd Factory is solid for merely being a "preview release". Exciting things should develop from this customization tool, which gives the end-user total involvement in the appearance of their 3rd party application and ability to share with others.  The laundry list of recent features, including the equally brilliant "mute a Twitter user", makes it appear as though Twidroyd will keep bringing goodness to the Android table. The vain side of me has to admit, there's something cool about typing in the words "John's Theme". [Via Twidroyd on Twitter]

Seesmic Brings Salesforce Chatter To Android

Seesmic recently had a significant update to their Android social network app. Not only did it give the UI a facelift, auto complete features, and new composer, but it brings business users their Salesforce Chatter. If you work in the corporate world , it’s safe to assume it’s with one of the 82,000 plus companies globally that use Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and collaboration. Salesforce is part of the culture and business Android users are most likely going to rejoice with a Seesmic and Salesforce partnership. This is great news for Android and is one of the last areas to bridge the gap in reaching business users. Android, in the past, has taken a few hits for not being “business” friendly. Seesmic does a nice job here helping the corporate grind types put their communications into one neat little Android package. Of course, I will let others debate the productivity, or lack there of, having workers put their Salesforce Chatter side by side with their Twitter and Google Buzz social accounts. You definitely need to be more careful out there "Salesforcers".  Don't drink and Twitter. Nonetheless, life just became a little more beautiful for the business Android lover. [Via Seesmic Blog]