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Motorola Defy+ Could be Headed to AT&T

The Motorola Defy has been surviving falls and going for swims on T-Mobile's network for over half a year now. Now This is my next has picked up a rumor that Motorola's rugged little smartphone is getting an upgrade on its way to AT&T (or maybe Canadian carriers) as the Defy+. The Defy is not a top of the line device, and even with the bump it will still be mid-tier, but for those who need a tough phone that can survive a few bumps, the Defy+ will be a handsome looking choice.

Delta Airlines App Update Lets You Choose Your Seat

I know, Delta Airlines App, doesn't sound exciting, but anything that lets you avoid lines is pretty awesome. Delta's app was just bumped up to version 1.5. For frequent flyers out there who know the drill, and don't feel like waiting in line, this update is pretty nice.

Amazon has Deals on Just About Every new Verizon Phone (With a New 2-year Contract)

Who likes to save money? Everyone who isn't trying to get rid of it as fast as they can... so yeah everyone! If you're sick of your current carrier (who isn't Verizon) or want to start a new smartphone contract, then Amazon has deals you should look into. From the Droid Incredible 2 at only a penny, to some LTE goodness with the Droid Charge for $129.99, You may want to think twice about the instant gratification of getting the phone from a store, and give the deals a peak.

Motorola Atrix 4G Gingerbread “Soak Test” Around the Corner

Motorola appears to be getting ready to start its traditional "soak test" of the official Gingerbread build for the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G. The recently unlocked dual-core has been, like far too many phones, a version behind since its release with FroYo, Android 2.2, on board. Now it looks like the bugs have finally been ironed out, the Motoblur layered on, and the AT&T apps stuffed into that tasty 2.3.4 update and it will finally start getting pushed out to a lucky 1000 beta testers from Moto's forums soon.
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