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Droid Incredible 2/S Achieve Permanent Root with S-Off

HTC has promised to unlock their bootloaders on future phones, which is awesome for sure. We have been left, however with several great phones that are still locked down. Luckily developers are working to free those phones that were locked down before the community talked some sense into HTC. Among those devices is the Incredible S, or Droid Incredible 2 in the States. A group of developers working on these and other recent HTC phones, have successfully used their AlphaRevX exploit on the Incredible 2/S.

Verizon LTE Launching in 13 More Markets July 21st

Verizon's the biggest carrier in the U.S. and their size is allowing them to churn out 4G faster than any of the other carriers. Verizon has promised to get LTE to over 140 markets by the end of the year, and so far has activated its super speedy 4G in 74 cities. Just last week Verizon flipped on LTE in 19 new markets, including mine. July 21st is looking to be the next turn-on date for 13 more markets.

Google Lets IO Tab 10.1 Recipients Know 3.1 is Waiting

We reported over a week ago now, that Honeycomb 3.1 is available for the limited edition version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, given away at Google IO. Today Google sent an email to those lucky owners officially letting them know of the upgrade, as well as some instructions for the download. The 3.1 upgrade brings some nice updates to the tablet version of Android, so if you haven't gotten the update yet for your IO Tab, check your inbox.

EVO 4G Available for Free with 2 Year Contract

EVO 4G owners are getting an update today to fix many of the issues caused by the previous one. If you aren't the proud owner of an EVO though, and are looking for a deal, you can grab it now from Amazon or Wirefly for just a penny, or free respectively on a new 2 year contract. It may not be cutting edge anymore, but when people scramble for a 2 year old iPhone for $49.99, this is a great deal.

T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G Slide Featured in Crystal Clear Leak

TmoNews has gotten their hands on some crystal clear images of the long rumored HTC myTouch 4G Slide. While the original myTouch 4G came out last November, rumors of this keyboard-bearing version have been swirling about since March. While we still don't know when the phone might launch, these pictures came along with a few more bonus details about what to expect when it does.

SwiftKey X Beta Update Rolling Out to Beta Testers

TouchType LTD's replacement keyboard, SwiftKey, has been a fairly big hit. Swiftkey offers, what many consider, improved prediction and accuracy when typing with its virtual keyboard. TouchType has been working on a new version, SwiftKey X. The beta version for phones is available for free in the Android Market, but for those in TouchType's beta program, a shiny new version for phones and tablets has been released. With the update comes your standard batch of "improvements," as well as a few new features.

SlashGear Gives You a Look at Official Galaxy S II Accessories

While we still wait impatiently for the Galaxy S II here in America, several other countries have been enjoying it for a few months now. One such country is the United Kingdom, where our buddy Chris Davies, from SlashGear, got a hold of several of Samsung's official accessories for the GSII. He's given us a good look at some of the more interesting ones, including a familiar dock.

Awful Android Running iPhone Rip-Off Now at Sears

Love Android, but want an iPhone too? Well here's your chance to get Android on a super awesome Apple design! Sears is now selling what is clearly a fake iPhone running Android 2.2. While it may have a shiny iDevice body on the outside its its guts that really make this thing shine!

Google Maps Now Rates Restaurants

Google is pushing a relatively small update to Google Maps today to enhance its "Places" feature. 'Best Ever' ratings, as the update dubs them, will help you decide what restaurant in the area to go to. This may be small, but is a useful update in Google's quest to "organize and make available the world's information."
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