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Acer’s selfie phone seen at GFXBench with 13 MP front cam

Early last month, ASUS revealed the ZenFone Selfie, a smartphone with an obvious bent towards a particular niche. It wasn't the first, however, to cater to selfie lovers, with the likes of HTC's Desire EYE or even the OPPO N1 paving the way with high megapixel front cameras. Now it seems that Acer will be following suite with its own selfie phone. At least that seems to be the case based on this GFXBench sighting of a certain Acer S59 with a 13 megapixel front camera.

Ramos’ comeback begins with the MOS1 smartphone

It's been a while since we've last heard from Ramos. A relatively unfamiliar brand, the Chinese manufacturer has specialized in making budget Android tablets with a bit of distinction. Back in 2014, it put out not one, not even two, but four tablets. Not that they were entirely spectacular, but Intel-powered Android tablets back then were still a rare sight. Now Ramos is back and it's back with a vengeance. Sort of. The Ramos MOS1 now has the distinction of being the manufacturer's first, but not last, smartphone.

Get your music on with these 2 Bluetooth headphones [DEALS]

Wires are so last year. From wireless keyboards to wireless charging to wireless headsets, we are bombarding the air with signals and waves to save us from strangling ourselves with messy cables. Bluetooth headsets and speakers are, of course, the favorite applications of wireless technology, offering comfort and freedom with very little compromise in audio quality. And today at Android Community Deals we have not one but two offers to meet your music listening, or even voice call, needs without the hassles of keeping wires in check.

ChargeIt! USB Wall Charger brings its own USB Cable [DEALS]

Let's face it. Even with all the portable power packs in your bag, there will come a time when you will inevitably reach out for a wall socket. When that day comes, you better be prepared. Not just with a wall charger that can juice up your mobile gadgets in a blink of an eye (OK, maybe a few dozen ones), but also with a cable that will bridge those two together. Forget those long, tangly USB cables that you either forget or lose. The ChargeIt! USB charger carries its own.

Android Community Weekly Digest: Jul. 12, 2015

Google delivers its first ever update to the Android M preview and boy was it filled with hidden features and changes. OnePlus keeps on teasing the OnePlus 2 but also reveals some less savory facts. HTC's ads naturally claims its One M9 is the best, but Consumer Reports begs to differ. Nintendo sheds more light on its mobile expansion and Google Glass might be getting a new lease on life. Welcome to the latest edition of Android Community's Weekly Digest, covering the period from July 6 to 12, 2015.

Secure your data for 3 years on a budget [DEALS]

Preserve all of your photos, documents, videos and more automatically with a 3 year subscription to Pogoplug Personal Backup and save 67% at Android Community Deals. Pogoplug Personal Backup is the reliable way to store your data from multiple devices so it can be recalled whenever and wherever you need. It’s cross platform compatible, too, so you can safely use it with Android and iOS mobile devices as well as Mac’s and PC’s.

Rock on with Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds [DEALS]

Exceptional performance, impeccable style, and unbelievable value are yours when you purchase a pair of Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds, reduced by 72% right now at Android Community Deals. Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds are the perfect combination of high performance sound quality and listening comfort. Their biggest feature is that they connect wirelessly to any audio device that is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which is a huge plus for those who despise tangled wires.

JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter can jump your car too [DEALS]

Just when you thought you've seen it all, along comes JUNOPOWER. We've seen a lot of portable battery packs in the market, some less memorable than others. We've seen some with useful gimmicks, like solar charging. But when it comes to uniqueness, nothing probably trumps the JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter. You might think the 6,000 mAh doesn't compare with other 10,000 mAh chargers, but those chargers can't do one thing that this JUNOPOWER can. Along with charging your phone, it can also jump start a in minutes.

SplashID Pro keeps your passwords safe for life [DEALS]

Quick! Count how many online accounts you have, including for games, and how many passwords you have for those. Chances are, you're either using the same password for most, if not all, of those or you're keeping track of dozens of passwords in your head or on paper. Neither are really secure practices, especially in this day and age of rampant hacking and spying. Using secure passwords and remembering those are no easy tasks, that's why SplashID offers to remember them all for you so you don't have to.

Layze Phone Holder keeps your phone out of the way [DEALS]

Everyone probably wants their phones to be within arm's reach but doesn't want them taking up precious desk space. In cases like those, what you need is a smartphone holder arm that safely attaches to your desk yet, at the same time, is flexible enough to suit your needs. The ultimate utility for the lazy smartphone user, the Layze Phone Holder promises just that. Flexible yet durable, this phone holder keeps your smartphone at bay while you do real work and is now available with a sweet discount.
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