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Sony PlayStation Xperia Play Poses for Photos, Shows off Android 2.3

The PlayStation Phone, which will be more than likely known as the Xperia Play or Zeus Zi when it launches some time in the (near?) future, isn't a big secret anymore. We know it exists in some capacity or another, and we know it's going to launch before 2012. Questions were still being asked about the software version of the device, and now it looks like we can safely assume it will be running Android 2.3 when it does hit shelves.

Motorola Cliq 2 for T-Mobile Images Leak

With HTC's Android-based hands finding their way onto the Internet before any official announcements, it's time for Motorola's turn. This time around, it's the formerly known Begonia device. Better known now, though, as the Motorola Cliq 2. As anyone should expect, this device is making its way to T-Mobile in the United States some time in 2011, and it's bringing along for the ride a full physical keyboard, and full MOTOBLUR integration.

HTC EVO Shift 4G Releasing January 9th for $150, According to RadioShack

Not really a surprise here. Word had it that the HTC EVO Shift 4G, the smaller cousin of the original EVO 4G with a physical keyboard, would be landing in stores on January 9th, and now according to a RadioShack flier, that can be pretty much assumed to be true. As for the pricing? We already knew it was going to be $150, too.

Samsung Galaxy S Devices in the US Listed as Having Android 2.2 on Samsung’s Product Page [Update]

It wouldn't be the first time, or even the second, that someone in control of a company's website jumped the gun in one fashion or another. But, for Samsung, perhaps letting someone inform the world that devices like Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G, and Verizon's Samsung Fascinate as having Android 2.2 right now isn't the smartest idea. That is, of course, unless you plan on updating those devices right now.

Huawei IDEOS X5 Tech Specs Revealed

At the beginning of the month, Huawei showed off a pair of their upcoming Android-powered smartphones. Unfortunately, while the image worked as a general tease, there wasn't a lot of information tagged along for the ride. Sure, we covered the basics, but some people want to know all the little details. So Huawei was happy to oblige. They've officially released the technical specifications for the IDEOS X5, adding to what we already know with all of the little details some folks out there may love.

AppsFire Adds Video Previews for Applications, Coming to Android Market Soon?

Google has been busy updating the Android Market over the last few weeks. Several changes, especially one major overhaul to the User Interface for the Market itself, have lead many to believe that even more changes are in store soon into the New Year. For AppsFire, a portal that allows users to find new and interesting applications, they've tapped into a change in API settings that now allows for developers to add video demonstrations of apps.

Touiteur Officially Becomes Known as Plume

Last week, we told you that because of a request from Twitter higher-ups, the Twitter application for Android called Touiteur would have to change their name. In reponse, Level Up Studio decided to turn to the users out there, and let them help in the decision. They provided a big list of potential names, and let those who cared enough to vote on what the next name for the popular client would be. The vote has come to a close, and a new name has been selected.

Notion Ink Demos Adam’s Sniffer Application [Video]

Notion Ink has been on a roll with releasing videos of their highly anticipated Adam Android-powered tablet. And we're happy to watch them. This time around, the company has treated us to what their calling the Sniffer application, which is designed to work as a file browser. Notion Ink is adamant in its usage, and points out that it's a very important application for a "power user" of the Android Operating System.

Motorola Acquires Zecter, Plans on Enhancing MOTOBLUR

Looks like Motorola is ready to give their MOTOBLUR proprietary User Interface some enhancements. It's just been announced that the company has acquired Zecter, which is known for their ZumoDrive and ZumoCast cloud-based media streaming and content-syncing technology. Motorola is hoping that the acquisition, and subsequent usage of the technology, will give MOTOBLUR a significant upgrade in its media credentials.

Motorola’s Android Update Site Gets Refreshed, Doesn’t Look Promising

As Motorola has released more devices, and let them loose around the world, they've had one site that owners could visit to check on the schedule for impending updates to their particular handset. Covering devices that have released in the Unites States, and all around the world, it's a quick and easy way to see if your device is getting updated to the latest and greatest software version. Unfortunately, it doesn't always have the best news. With their latest refresh of the site, Motorola hasn't gone out of their way to make a lot of owners happy, and some devices look like they're going to be eternally stuck at lesser versions of Android (at least, officially).
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