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Temple Run 2 Android release date confirmed

Yesterday was the release date for Temple Run 2 on iOS, with the developers promising that the Android release will be following next week. While it isn't a big surprise to see games releasing on iOS before coming to Android, at least there isn't too big of a gap between releases in this case. There was just one small problem: even though Temple Run 2's developers said it will be coming to Android next week, they didn't give a specific date, leaving many eager fans in the dark as to when the game would actually launch.

Gameloft delivers Wild Blood’s first update to Google Play Store

If you're a fan of Gameloft's Wild Blood, then it's time to get excited, because the developer has launched the first update for the game on the Google Play Store. It's taken Gameloft awhile to push this update considering Wild Blood was released way back in October, but we suppose "better late than never" is the mantra to live by in this case. That's especially true when you see all of the stuff that's being added with this update, including a new multiplayer mode that sounds like quite a bit of fun.

NVIDIA Project SHIELD revealed for Android gaming dominance

While NVIDIA GRID was big and the Tegra 4 was even bigger, NVIDIA has just surprised us all with the announcement of NVIDIA Shield. What is NVIDIA Shield you ask? It's a new Android console from the company, and it will be one of the first devices to showcase the power of the all new Tegra 4.

NVIDIA GRID sets its sights on cloud gaming market

NVIDIA's biggest announcement of the night is arguably the reveal of the Tegra 4, but the announcement of NVIDIA GRID is definitely giving the Tegra 4 a run for its money. NVIDIA GRID marks the company's entrance into the cloud gaming market, and though we often associate PCs with cloud gaming services, this is also a big announcement for those playing on tablets and smartphones.

NVIDIA unveils Tegra 4 processor at CES conference

We're live at CES 2013, and NVIDIA is using the show to make quite a few major announcements. After letting us know what it's been doing in the PC gaming space, NVIDIA pulled the veil off the long-rumored Tegra 4 mobile processor. Yes, we all knew it was going to be announced, but boy does it feel great to finally have official confirmation.

Dan Morrill shows us the Android mascot that almost was

Back in 2007, it was impossible to know that Android was going to blow up and become as huge as it is today. In fact, for quite some time, it was impossible to know if Android even existed, as Google kept quiet on the flood of rumors until it came time to officially unveil the mobile OS. In the lead up to this announcement, we imagine many things about Android changed, and today Google's Dan Morrill is giving us a look at a canned Android mascot he thought up in the rush before the company launched the first iteration of the OS we all know and love today.

Android still on top in comScore’s November 2012 market share report

comScore has delivered its market share report for November 2012, and unsurprisingly, Android finds itself at the top of the charts yet again. For the three month period ending in November 2012, Android's market share grew to 53.7%, up 1.1 percentage points from the three month period ending August 2012. iOS was on the rise in that period too, gaining 0.7 percentage points over the period ending in November to settle at 35%.

Flurry claims 50 million Android and iOS device activations during Christmas week

Christmas Day and the week immediately following it are obviously always going to be big for new device activations, but today we're finding out that the final week in December might just have been the biggest on record for iOS and Android. That's according to analytics firm Flurry, which said today that iOS and Android device activations for Christmas week topped a whopping 50 million. Looks like a bunch of people picked up a shiny new tablet of smartphone in the final week of 2012.

Android Community Nightly: December 28th, 2012

Another day is on the books, and despite the fact that Fridays are normally slow as far as news goes, this one was pretty eventful. For starters, we found out that the Samsung Galaxy S IV might be more similar to the Galaxy Note than its predecessors, and it might even be coming as early as April. Developer SDKs for OUYA became available today, along with an unboxing and uncasing video from the company behind the little Android console that turned into a Kickstarter darling. Apple has agreed to drop the Galaxy S III Mini from its patent suit, while Samsung may need to pay a $15 billion fine for trying to get Apple products banned in Europe.
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