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Galaxy Nexus was just the start: Verizon “end of life” comes for many

Yesterday we found out about Verizon's plans to stop offering the original Galaxy Nexus, but things are far worse than we feared. It turns out Verizon is discontinuing a number of handsets, with the apparent goal of letting stock dry up over the next few months. Some of the handsets Verizon is discontinuing are a little on the old side these days, while others might be getting phased out in anticipation of a successor.

Samsung Galaxy S IV spotted: AT&T may have first pick

Well, this is interesting: it would appear that Samsung is working on a new full HD smartphone for AT&T. Blog of Mobile has uncovered a new User Agent Profile for a phone with the model number "SGH-I337" hiding on Samsung's website. The phone is headed to AT&T, and it could just be the carrier's version of the highly anticipated Galaxy S IV.

Samsung recommended more than Apple by UK retailers

Given the steep cost of a new smartphone, picking one that's perfect for you can be a pretty daunting task. We often turn to retailer employees when it comes time to pick a new handset, asking them for suggestions about which phone would be ideal for our lives. As it turns out, employees at some of the biggest phone retailers in the UK seem to suggest Samsung handsets over Apple's iPhone line more often.

Android, Apple took more than 90% market share in Q4 2012

Q4 2012 was another bang up quarter for the likes of Android and Apple, with the two taking 92% of the smartphone shipments made worldwide during the quarter for themselves. That doesn't leave much space for the other mobiles operating systems of the world, a trend that has been continuing for quite some time. These new numbers come from Strategy Analytics, which also says that smartphone sales were up year-over-year.

Intel and Safaricom announce Yolo Android smartphone for Africa

Safaricom is making a rather big announcement for Africa today, introducing its new Yolo smartphone. We'll sidestep jokes about the name for a moment to point out that this is a pretty significant release, as it's the first Intel-powered smartphone to launch in the country. That itself is rather big, with Safaricom targeting the phone at first-time owners living in Kenya.

Temple Run 2 Review

The original Temple Run is one of most popular mobile games ever, so it isn't any surprise that Imangi Studios is back to offer players another helping. Temple Run 2 is here, and it takes the framework laid down by its predecessor and builds on it ever so slightly, keeping the gameplay of the original intact and as addicting as ever. If you were a fan of the first Temple Run, expect to spend quite a bit of time with the latest mobile gem from Imangi.

Opera Ice promises to put mobile Chrome browser on notice

Opera Software has revealed its next generation browser, and you know we wouldn't be talking about it here on Android Community if it didn't have something to do with mobile devices. Introduced today over on Pocket-Lint, Opera Ice is a new mobile browser targeted at iOS and Android. Opera has seen the need for change in the mobile browser space, and plans to use Ice as a means of implementing that change.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 tipped for reveal at MWC 2013

While Samsung may have the high-end Android market on lock down between its Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, the company obviously realizes that there all kinds of smartphone users out there. While some care most about technical specifications, there are others who care more about durability. Samsung's original Galaxy Xcover was one such durable smartphone, and today we're hearing rumors of a follow up, aptly named the Galaxy Xcover 2.

Facebook 2.1 hands-on: Android gains Voice Messaging

Facebook has just delivered an update for its Android app, bringing it up to version 2.1. While the patch notes don't contain too much information, they do reveal one major feature: voice messages. Once you've applied this update, you'll be able to send short voice messages to your Facebook friends. This update, of course, comes on the heels of the announcement that Facebook would begin offering free calling over WiFi or mobile Internet for iOS users.
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