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Samsung Galaxy S Series Brief Announcement for Cellular South

Android phone seems unstoppable in the market right now. Many phones now are created only for Android starts from HTC until Samsung. Samsung is ready to take off with their Samsung Galaxy S series which of course runs Android 2.1. And, as we already know, is launching in one variation or another on Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint. And Cellular South is getting one, too.

Samsung Supersonic and Motorola Charm Price

These is the leaked Samsung Supersonic and Motorola Charm pricing sheet. Most phone can survive if they have good price, style, works, and depending on the carrier too. But, many prefer to see the price first before deciding on their phone choice. Well, let's starts with Motorola Charm pricing. According to the pricing sheet, it will cost you $269.99 without contract but if you want to pay a cheaper price for this device you'll have to sign a two-year contract which will drop the price to $74.99.

AT&T’s Decision on Locking Android Handset

AT&T seems to be a company that likes to lock down their Android handsets. This may be why many AT&T customers haven't adopted Android yet. By locking down their devices, we are unable to download applications from third-party developers, or locations. The only thing you can do is download applications from the Android Market.

Yahoo Announces Mail, Messenger, and Search for Android 2.x Devices

Yahoo has finalized their own applications for Android 2.0 or later. They managed to create a Mail application, Messenger Application, and Search widget. The Mail application is just like any other Mail application which let you check, read, send and organize your Yahoo! mail from your phone. It also gives you access to your Yahoo! address book and you can apply Yahoo! emoticons in your text.

HTC Sabor Could Feature 2GHz Processor and Gingerbread

Reported by OZCARGuide, HTC is working on 2GHz "Sabor" device for Sprint which will be release by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. Also, the report suggests that HTC is going to manufacture their own displays, to compete with Samsung's AMOLED technology.

Vodafone launches Nexus One in Australia

Nexus One is finally launching down under. Courtesy of Vodafone Hutchison Australia. It's an exclusive deal. Price wise, you're looking at $79 per month, but you'll be getting the handset for free. That is, if you sign a two year contract.

EVO 4G Easy Way to Root

EVO 4G is one of the fastest and well working phone on 4G. It is hard to get this amazing phone right now because lack of stock in production. The people who have the EVO can now have root access in three clicks.

Best Buy is Out of Stock on Droid X, No More Pre-Orders

The popularity of this amazing phone has reached it's limit. It has been 5 days since the pre-sale started and Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile already have a hard time to keep up with the pre-orders. Unbelievable! But what can you say. This phone has been a hit since it was announced.

EVO 4G Updates is Ready to Change Your Life

Sprint has comes up with the latest update on EVO 4G, although there is no Froyo yet. And while the original update didn't brick everyone's phone, Sprint thought it would be a good idea to pull the original, and then release this one instead. With it, the main key point is faster WiFi.
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