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AT&T Android Owners Can Now Side-Load Apps

Bad news seems to be everywhere right now, whether it's about Milestone perhaps not getting Froyo and now. If you are big fan of the Aria from AT&T then you probably know that the carrier has crippled the phone so that you cannot download applications from third parties; simply put, from nowhere other than the Android Market. You can see in the picture below that the option is not even present, since AT&T has taken it out completely.

Samsung YP-MB2 Details Leak Again

There's lots of information about the Samsung YP-MB2 that has already leaked out; now Korean site DDaily claims to have a few more details. We do know that Samsung YP-MB2 will be similar to Samsung Galaxy, except that the camera will likely be just 3MP on the YP-MB2.

Motorola Milestone’s Android 2.2 Future Still Undecided

Bad news for Motorola Milestone users. Apparently, Motorola are still undecided on whether or not they should bring Android 2.2 (Froyo) to the Motorola Milestone. The marketing director of the Motorola European region, James King, states that Motorola has yet to make final decision on whether they will be offering Froyo to their users.

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile Unboxed and Compared to AT&T’s Captivate

Android Police have unboxed the Samsung Vibrant, and they've even managed to compare it to the Samsung Captivate. Another device in the Galaxy S lineage, launching on AT&T. As we are all already aware, there are many similarities between both devices. They both have a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, and mostly the same specifications. But, in the end, the Vibrant seems more complete and solid than the Captivate, according to the folks behind the unboxing.

DROID X Commercial Gets the Marketing Stage Under Way

Looks like you don't have to wait for that marketing material for the DROID X. Verizon's got their hands on one of the greatest Android phones out there, so it shouldn't be that big of a surprise to see a commercial of this magnitude showcasing the new king of the throne. The storyline for the commercial is quite interesting. Basically, a group of astronauts/scientists are going underground and there they stumble upon the DROID X.

Droid Incredible OTA Upgrade Finding Its Way to Handsets

A couple of days ago, there were rumors about an OTA update for the Droid Incredible, which would arrive on July 16th. There were plenty of people out there saying it was just a rumor and nothing more, but it looks like the naysayers have been silenced: the update is real.

Martin Cooper: Android is Every Bit As Good as the iPhone

Martin Cooper, the former vice president of Motorola and division manager who in 1970's led the team to developed the first hand-held mobile phone, recently took some time to sit down with CNN and talk about his favorite subject: cell phones. Asking some general questions, the interview doesn't get interesting (in an Android point of view) until the very end.

T-Mobile Will Launch HTC Vision with HSPA+ In September

According to some new rumors, the HTC Vision is launching this September at the same time as the HTC Vanguard. Also, reports suggest that the Vision will be T-Mobile's first HSPA+ device. HSPA+ basically means that the phone is going to be able to access data even faster than T-Mobile customers already can.

Acer’s First Android Device Gets Android 2.1 Upgrade

The Liquid A1 is the first Android phone made by Acer in 2009. It launched with Android 1.6 but now an update is available to bring it out of the Dark Ages and into the Light. The update is the usual OTA variety, so if you're one of the folks out there with the device, hopefully you'll be receiving the notification soon enough.

Samsung Captivate’s Retail Package and Phone Pose for Camera

Samsung Captivate will be released on July 18th, but if you were aching to see what the box would look like, here you go. And, even if you've seen plenty of pictures of what the device would look like from "official channels," it's time to see what it looks like out of the box and in the hand of a "regular person." Fortunately, it still looks just as good.
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