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Motorola XOOM Super Bowl Teaser Ad Hits the Internet

Motorola has published a new teaser for the Motorola XOOM. Supposedly a teaser for the Super Bowl ad this Sunday, the minute clip features Motorola stating that it's time to break free from control from a single manufacturer, this is 2011 not 1984.

Nextel Motorola i1Q Spotted

As phones become more and more advanced, they usually become very fragile or at least not "durable" at all. This is not what many need, and durable options such as the original Motorola i1 and Defy become much needed devices. GrupoAndroid has uncovered pictures of what's claimed to be the Motorola i1Q. The device definitely looks like a more rugged DROID PRO with its full QWERTY keyboard. Sadly, the device is a bit behind on the times. Running Android 2.1 and a weak in comparison processor the device will not be targeted to the high-end user, but it will bring Android further into the rugged space. Any users looking for a durable phone? Would the upcoming Motorola i1Q be something that would benefit you in your workspace? [Via Phandroid]

LG Optimus 3D, Are You ready for 3D in the Mobile Space?

Mobile World Congress is quickly approaching and we're expecting a lot of devices from all companies. However, one device that's gaining the most traction online is the LG Optimus 3D. We all know that LG is planning to enter the mobile 3D space and it seems the Optimus 3D will be their flagship device - but is the world ready for mobile 3D?

Atrix HD Multimedia Dock Retailing for $59?

The Atrix 4G is a device that is going to be highly focused on accessories. Whether it's the laptop dock or multimedia dock, the device is not just a cellphone, it's a mobile computer. And now, according to a listing on, it seems the HD multimedia dock will retail for $59.

Which Verizon devices have had rebate changes?

This weekend we heard about Verizon's plans to change the rebate system that got rid of rebates on smartphones over $150. This didn't mean the phones would be offered for more, but the user would not have to go through the lengthy mail-in process. Now a list has been discovered at exactly which devices will still feature a rebate and it's as follows.

Droid Bionic Appears on Amazon for $149

Just as we saw the Motorola Atrix listed on Amazon for $149 last week, a new page for the upcoming DROID BIONIC has appeared on the site. Featuring the same, surprisingly low price-point of $149 it seems far too early for the device to make its debut on the online retailer.

Boku and Zong Partner Up With Verizon to Offer BilltoMobile Payments

Boku and Zong, two popular mobile phone payment systems have both just announced a new partnership with BilltoMobile, which is directly connected to the Verizon Wireless billing system. This new deal will allow Verizon customers to purchase virtual goods, apps and other items and have them billed directly billed to their cell phone.

Motorola Atrix 1080p Video Capture Capability to be Added Post-Launch

As we near the official launch of the Motorola Atrix 4G, rumors and speculation are pouring in about the supposed features of the device. One of these is that the devices 1080p video capture will not be supported until after it’s launched. For those who remember at CES the device was said to be able to capture 720p, but its processor could definitely handle 1080p, so why the wait?

HTC ThunderBolt Coming to Verizon February 24th

The HTC ThunderBolt was one of the more impressive devices we saw at this year’s CES. Since its announcement, details have been slim as we near a release date, but now it seems that our friends at AndroidGuys have been told that the device will be hitting Verizon on February 24th.
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