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Join Us With Google’s Honeycomb Showcase Stream

Today is a big day for Android. Google will officially be showing off Android 3.0 Honeycomb and will be giving full hands-on demos of the operating system for the first time. We're preparing to head over now, and you can join us with the live stream of the press event!

Is the Samsung GT-I9003 a Galaxy S with Super Clear LCD?

Last month we started hearing rumors of a device making the rounds with a GT-I9003 model number. Speculation led us to believe that it was either a Nexus S with a Super LCD display, or a Galaxy S with the same display. Now, after further speculation, it seems the later will be true and that the I9003 is on track to replace the Galaxy S (I9000).

LG Readying to ‘Rewrite History’ with the Optimus 3D

LG hasn't been a key player in the phone market for quite some time, but they fully expect to change that in 2011 with device launches such as the Optimus 2X and Optimus 3D. Not only are they entering the smartphone market; they're entering it aggressively. In a new teaser published by LG, they boast "The World's First Dual Core-Multi Channel" device that looks strikingly similar to the LG Optimus 3D we saw leaked last week.

Google Maps Updated to Support New Latitude Check-In Features

Google Maps is by far the most used maps application on the Android Platform, it offers up the most refined user experience and even some features that are usually cost a premium. Well, the application has just been updated to version 5.1.0, and with the update many new features have been added.

Xperia Lineup Receives Maintenance Update, X10 Receives MultiTouch

Sony Ericsson has announced that their current Xperia devices such as the X8, X10, X10 Mini and Pro - will be receiving a maintenance upgrade that will fix some common issues with the set of devices. Adding support for new languages that include Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Thai, the update also brings in the expected performance updates.

Firefox Beta 4 Released, Faster than Ever

Mozilla has had a long and interesting journey with its Firefox for Android browser. With each update we see significant changes and so far it's definitely one of the best browsing options we have for the Android platform. Now the 4th beta release of Firefox has been released and with it many improvements have been added.
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