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Google Details Honeycomb’s Notification Bar

Google has taken the stage to demo the Honeycomb operating system. We got a full live view of how notifications will work within the tablet OS and Google is focusing on making the notifications less intrusive all while making them provide more information at a glance.

Honeycomb, Here We Come!

Here we go, Android fans. Google is about to take the stage to demo the most anticipated operating system for quite some time: Honeycomb. We're live on the Google campus bringing you live updates as well as detailed hands-on after the event!

‘The Daily’ Publication Coming to Android, States “This year and maybe next year belong to Apple”

Let's face it, we're in a digital age. Newspapers and magazines are seemingly going the way of the wind and are quickly being replaced with the internet. Realizing this, News Corp. took to the stage today in New York to offer up their new news solution: The Daily. Although only launching on the iPad, for now, it was said that they are well aware of the emerging market and it will hit other tablet devices soon. During the Q&A and today's event, The Daily owner Rupert Murdoch, confirmed News Corp has interests beyond the iPad. However, he goes on to state that "this year, and maybe next year, belong to Apple." It's good to know the major news corporation has their mind set on all tablets, and hopefully Honeycomb, being an official tablet OS, will entice them to make the move to the Android platform here soon. [Via SlashGear]

Dungeon Defenders Updated to 4.0

Just last week Dungeon Defenders v3.0 was submitted to the Apple App Store for approval and the Android version would be released upon approval. However, this didn't pan out and V3.0 was not approved - so we get v4.0 along with a new array of features.
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