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Motorola Atrix coming to Bell Mobility on March 17?

Hands-down the Motorola Atrix was the most impressive cell phone at this year's CES. Being something completely new the table, the game-changing phone has been the talk of the internet. However, we still do not know officially when we will see the device. But, according to a leaked slide, Bell Mobility may launch the device on March 17th.

3G Nook Discontinued Due to Lack of Demand

We've heard countless reports of just how well the NOOK eBook reader has been doing. It seems that Barnes & Noble were not even expecting the numbers they are seeing. But with an Android-based color eReader, how could they go wrong? Well it seems the 3G version isn't selling as much as expected and it's on track to be discontinued.

Team Preparing Android Phone to Launch in Space

Researchers at Surrey Satellite Technology are prepping an Android device to launch with their Strand-1 satellite into orbit around the Earth later this year. In an attempt to see how well the device stands the conditions in space, as well as see if the device could be used as the powerhouse of a satellite, the team will be conducting many tests once it reaches orbit. [caption id="attachment_23252" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Image Via G1Wallz"][/caption]

Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 Gets Previewed

After just producing a profit for 2010, Sony Ericsson has an impressive lineup for 2011 to keep their hot-streak going. One of these devices, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 (MT15i/Halon) has just got a bit of a preview before its official release.

LG Optimus V Gets Priced, $149 at Virgin Mobile

And just like that we get a price of the upcoming LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile. The Optimus series, being one of the best entry-level Android series, has sure been a popular array of devices. And with it launching on yet another network, we can expect its market share to keep growing at a steady rate.

Tegra 2 3D Chips Coming Spring 2011

NVIDIA was huge in the mobile marketplace at this year's CES with the official unveiling of their Tegra 2 platform to be included in "Super phones." And now, according to a leaked slide from their upcoming Mobile World Congress presentation, they will have a Tegra 2 3D chip ready for Spring release.