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Verizon Fascinate Caught In The Wild

So as it gets closer to the rumored September 8/9 release date for the Samsung Fascinate, the leaks keep rolling in. This time we have some pics (where the device was obviously caught in the wild) showing the screen and Samsung's Touch Wiz running on the device.

Rydeen gPad GCOM701 7-inch Android Tablet

So has anyone heard that some Android tablets are coming? Well we know that was a joke question, but now we have another one to throw in the mix the Rydeen gPad. The gPad has a 7 inch resistive touchscreen that has a resolution of 800x480. Connectivity includes the standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with GPS that has Navteq software pre-installed.

Angry Birds Beta Coming To Android Soon

It's something about slingshotting mad birds to kill some green pigs that makes us love the Angy Birds game so much. It has been successfully popular on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and now they are coming over to Android.

Motorola Milestone 2 Leaks Out Into The Wild

This really isn't a surprise to us at all that the currently known Droid 2 would be the Motorola Milestone 2. Apparently though, someone leaked this info before Motorola wanted it to be out in the open. Milestone has all the goodies that you would expect it to have, being that it is a sister phone to the Droid 2.

Samsung Mobile Announcement, We Will Be there!

Go ahead and put this in your Google calendar, we received and invite to an event that Samsung will be having on the 16th of September for some announcements. Will this be the big Galaxy Tab announcement or something else new in store for Samsung? Until then keep your calendars marked, it will be here sooner than you will know it. Check back on Android Community on the date to hear all the news.

Archos Bringing 5 New Tablets To The Market

There is no doubt where Archos is headed for their future tablet development. They announced 5 new tablets, with the cheapest one starting right below $100. The tablets are called the Archos, 28, 32, 43, 70, and 101. The tablets will range from the sizes of 2.8 inches to 10.1 inches and will offer high resolution displays.

LG Optimus Pad Unveiled

Tablets, Tablets, and more Android tablets. For all those that think Android tablets will not succeed, the companies are having a completely different train of thought. This time it is LG giving us some limited information on an upcoming tablet called the Optimus Pad. Yes, the name Optimus did make us think of Transformers also, which is kind of cool.

ViewSonic Viewpad 7 Officially Announced

Yes, it is another Android tablet announced. This time it is ViewSonic, with another in the 7 inch category. The tablet has phone functionality with it's built in GSM/3G modem, but we are pretty sure that we do not want to hold a 7 inch slate up to our head. Surely, this is in direct competition with the Galaxy Tab and the iPad, not the phone market.

T-Mobile G2 Official Pics

Here is a bit of news that will brighten up some T-Mobile users. Some official pics of the G2. What has us puzzled is that the pics are showing Vanilla Android running on the phone but the site is mentioning HTC Sense. We sure need another Vanilla device, with the way that every Android device is being skinned these days.
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