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IFA 2010 Wrap-Up

IFA-2010 was a huge show, and there were many Android devices there that we were able to get a first look at. So sit back and lets review some of what we saw. Tablets, tablets, and more Android tablets, seem to be the hot trend at this years show in Berlin, and we will start this wrap up with the one that everyone expected to see and was most excited about, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Tab is packing a 7 inch display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, with Android 2.2+TouchWiz, and is wanting to be the iPad killer somewhat. Samsung did a good job on this, it was very polished, user friendly and would even fit in your jacket pocket. Coming into the market we are not sure how this slate will do but, being they are trying to subsidize this device will all the carriers, they are thinking of big things coming. The ability to make voice calls on the device will be a plus, compared to its competitor and we can't wait to see how it does in the US market. [vms 99fe63f3e0041f02638a] Another couple of heavy hitting tablets were at the ViewSonic booth. The ViewPad 7 is ready to come out into the market and it doesn't quite pack as much power as the Galaxy Tab, it was a very classy device and ran rather smooth. Android 2.2 (non-skinned) is ran by a 600MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but was not enough to slow it down dramatically. Voice calls will be able to be made with 3G, and Wi-Fi is on board also. With a camera up front and back, at a price point of around $539, this could be valued competition in the market. [vms c05c16873b05ec425cba] The other ViewSonic tablet was a prototype called the ViewPad 100. More like a netbook replacement without a keyboard this was a dual-boot tablet running, Windows 7 and Androird 1.6. As we used it, it was obvious that it was a prototype. ViewSonic says they have some work to do with newer versions of Android and getting the hardware to run with Intel's Atom chips. Moving along in the tablet space, we got to see a family of Archos tablets and PMP players all powered by Android. You have the 101, 70, 43, 32, and 28. The tablets start out at 10.1 inches then go to 7 inches and down. The screen sizes are related to the model numbers of the devices, you picking up on that? These are all very top notch tablets and PMP players, Archos has done a fine job with them. The larger devices have high res displays, HDMI ports to export your HD video content, and sport 1GHz processors. Where the smaller ones have nice sized storage and cameras on back, with lower price points of $99, then $149 and ending at $199. Next in line is the Toshiba Folio 100. After using the Galaxy Tab we were not really impressed with the Folio 100. It is a 10 inch slate, but still felt that it wasn't completely ready to be released out into the wild. Packing a Tegra 2, 16GB of storage, HDMI access, and the appearance of the tablet is very appealing. Toshiba says, we are looking for a release date in Q4, and we are hoping that they will be able to tweak on it some more before it is released. They say it will not be available in the US, so all us Americans are not to excited about that. [vms dffea144f9ac5dc9f339] For a change, let's switch over to a PMP player that we were able to get to look at that was quite intriguing. Still, the Phillips GoGear Connect looked like an awesome device, but we were left wondering why this wasn't made into a phone also. With a 3.2 inch capacitive display, 8, 16, 32GB models, micro SD card slot, and everything you could imagine that would come with a standard day Android handset, we thought this PMP player was well executed, and very polished. You could however make VOiP calls on the device, but hopefully this is a first glance of Phillips having something up there sleeve on a phone. Huawei brought some interesting devices to the table this year also. First they brought their latest offerings to the phone industry the Ideos U8150. This phone is an entry-level Android device running 2.2, with a 2.8 inch QVGA display and a 3.2 megapixel camera on rear. As for the S7 tablet, it still felt like a pre-production model, with the screen being a little unresponsive, but overall is a great looking tablet that could be nice once it is released to consumers. Down to the last unfinished tablet we have the E-Noa 10 inch Interpad, that looks really really close to an iPad. It is also a Tegra 2 powered tablet that has 3G data access but no ability to make cellular calls. There will be a Wi-Fi only version available and they have said it will come in at a price point of €399 ($515). Being it was unfinished and not connected to the internet is was hard to not give our honest feelings, but we feel like this is a very good start to something big. Well there you go, that was a little taste of the Android devices that we saw at IFA-2010 this year. We left on a very positive note, seeing what all the companies have been working on and where the Android tablets are heading. If you want more in depth coverage feel free to go check out all the hands-on pics and videos here and we hope you enjoy all that we got to be apart of this year.

Droid 2 Review

We recently had a Droid 2 to review and wanted to highlight some of the key points about the Droid 2. Being that the original Droid was launched almost 9 months ago, Motorola felt that it was time to update the design with some better internals and updated externals.

Droid X 2.2 Update, Where Is It?

We are well aware that a bunch of you are waiting for your Droid X Froyo update, and you are thinking any day now that it will be available. Well at the soonest, it looks like it will be another 2 to 3 weeks, is the latest rumor that has come across. One of the issues we are hearing is when updating from 2.1 to 2.2 there is an Exchange issue that is wiping the security policies. Seems like a smaller issue to fix and we are counting on them to be able to fix this asap, so the X can be updated along with all the rest of the heavy hitting Android devices. We know it is hard to stay calm, but it is coming and at least we know they are working on it. [via Droid Life]

Droid 2 First Custom Rom Released

We know that the Droid 2 owners are waiting for some custom ROMS to load since they have had their device rooted. After you are rooted of course, you can head over HERE to get Koush’s Droid 2 bootstrap, to get Clockwork Recovery Flashed, then do not forget to make a full Nandroid Backup.

Samsung Fascinate Arriving In Stores For Thursday Launch

So who is waiting for a Fascinate on September 9th? It is looking like your wait will not be much longer, Thursday you will want to head over to Verizon to get you one. These shots are already proof that the phone is hitting stores but is not able to be activated until Thursday.

Toshiba AC100 Arrives In The UK

The Toshiba smartbook AC100, running Android 2.1 is now available in the UK. Sad news is, that it is only the AC100-10Z, with no 3G access, but has Wi-Fi b/g/n for connectivity. Pricing is £292.52 including tax ($449), and that includes 8GB of flash memory along with Bluetooth.

Dell Streak Gets 2.1 Update For O2

So the Streak is way behind on 1.6 and Dell has been saying that they will update it to 2.1. O2 has released the update now and we would not doubt that anyone would want to wait very long to install it. There are some instructions to doing the update and you will loose some of your data.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Could Be around $200 to $400

By the looks of things, the Galaxy tab might not be as expensive as what we were hearing last week. Samsung is whispering things that point to the Galaxy Tab costing at the $200 to $400 dollar range. We are also positive that the different storage sizes will make a difference in the pricing.

New Froyo Build Leaks Out For Nexus One

It appears that Google has been working on yet another update for 2.2, and the open source community has gotten their hands on it. In the build is said to be more speed improvements, better Wi-Fi performance, and bug fixes. Build number FRG33 also has a newer version of the installed radio.
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