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T-Mobile says they will have biggest 4G network in US

We've seen enough of those Verizon most reliable 3G network commercials, its time for some change. T-Mobile looks to up the ante by showing off their 75+ 4G areas in some commercials. Now they can show off their network in some commercials that will also be showing off their network.

Logitech Revue to get OTA Update

The Logitech Revue, or commonly known as the Google TV, has been issued an Over-The-Air update which should fix one problem that alot of people have been complaining about; framerate issues. Google simply heard about the issues, and said "your wish is my command", and officially announced the update in a post earlier today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab costs $205 to build

We have just found out that Samsung builds their Galaxy Tabs for $205 in parts. The question is why are we paying $500+ for something that only costs $200 to create? Before you start cursing out Samsung, remember most companies do this including Apple who charges $600 for their iPhone which is estimated to cost around $200? Why do the companies do this?

T-Mobile’s date for Distribution of FroYo for MyTouch 3G extended

When word was received that T-Mobile would be upgrading the MyTouch to Android OS 2.2, people were ecstatic. They could almost taste that FroYo in their mouths, but now they will have to wait just a bit longer. T-Mobile originally planned to release Android OS 2.2 for MyTouch 3G users by October 25th, but T-Mobile gave an update on the status in their official forums. The date has been officially pushed back until December 15th. There was no specific reason for the push back, but T-Mobile must have had a good reason for it. Oh well, MyTouch 3G users will just have to wait another two months or so, but until we'll keep you updated on a change of date or if it comes out before December 15th. Via [tmonews]
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