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Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Bell November 12

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab looking to make its US debut on all major carriers coming up, its not a surprise that the Canada release will follow closely after. According to the picture below, the official launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is November 12.

HTC Desire HD coming to Canada for Telus Users?

As many of you know, the HTC Desire HD was recently released to the European markets. Well some more info on this giant device has popped up. The guys over at CellGuru were on the HTC Sense website for Canadian users and while registering their HTC Desire Z, found the HTC Desire HD hanging out under the phones category.

SoundHound Music App to be integrated into HTC Android Devices

For those of you that aren't yet familiar with SoundHound, it is a popular music detection app. It competes with its biggest rival Shazam to be the best music detection app for the Android platform. The app looks to become even more popular with its recent partnership with HTC. Their partnership will bring the app's service to every HTC phone that runs Android OS.

Twitter For Android gets big Update

After hearing about the new Facebook updates, Twitter has released some updates of their own to compete against their biggest rival. The update doesn't add a whole bunch of new features, but it does improve the speed significantly and makes the app just look better in general.

Droid Pro to have presale Nov. 9, launch date is Nov. 18

Are you interested in purchasing the Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon? If so, you're going to have an opportunity to secure your device coming on November 9th. If you order in between November 9th and November 17th, you'll get your Droid Pro before the launch date, which is November 18th for those of you that were wondering. If you happen to pre-order it between those dates, you'll receive your device before the launch(devices will start to ship on November 10-11). Pricing is speculated to be at $300, but hopefully it will end up being near the unofficial standard price of smart phones which is $200. Also, the device won't be available to retail locations in Pennsylvania or Massachusetts. Not sure why, but thats just according to a picture. We will keep you updated on the Droid Pro and will have some more info as time passes by. In the meantime let us know if you do end up pre-ordering and what you think of this device. Via [AndroidCentral]

G2 to get Wi-Fi Calling starting Tomorrow

More exciting news from T-Mobile. After hearing about the 4G networks from T-Mobile and the new commercials, we have learned that Wi-Fi calling will be available to G2 users starting tomorrow. This feature will definitely please G2 users. Free calling via Wi-Fi, can't get much better on top of that. If only this feature was available to all smartphone phone users, it could save us all ALOT of money by not wasting minutes at home for those of you that aren't on an unlimited calling plan. T-Mobile has been recently stepping up its game with the 4G news and the release of some new 4G gadgets tomorrow. Keep up the good work T-Mobile. Via [Tmonews]
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